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                                            Justin's P.o.v and Shantelle hidden talent.

After  spending the whole day  at the recording studio  with Usher  recording his new song  i was so knackered  and because I've been running all day  when me and Usher went to Starbucks  down the road from the studio  we didn't bother to drive there we just walk  but walking there was a huge mistake  because as we step inside Starbucks  a girl who was standing in line saw  me and immediately spread the news  "ITS JUSTIN BIEBER!!!" she shouted then a mob of girls started chasing me so we took off running me and Usher  and it wasn't far away from the recording studio either  around fifteen minutes time we were back at the studio. And i think Usher could see that i was knackered   "JB you can go home now  if you want to  cause  I'm  almost finished now " he told me so i left  drove home  i park my car and open the door with my own key  i walk inside the living room and flop down on the couch and let out a sigh of relief, i pull my iphone4s out of my pocket and  call Ryan  but it went straight to voicemail so i texted him instead  ( what's up bro I'm having you and Chaz  fly over tomorrow for my birthday in a few days time ok.So when you get this call me asap. JB) after i sent the text i push back my phone into my jeans pocket and went upstairs  to  take a shower  only to hear the sweetest most angelic voice i ever heard in my life yet coming from the music room  where all the headphones,guitars my drum set  and all the instruments i can play was kept and there was a small recording booth there too i head to the music room down the hallway  to see if it was one of god's angel  fell from heaven ,seriously but when i saw it was Shantelle  i stop dead in my tracks i couldn't believe cause Shantelle and i have been an item almost three years now February  it will be exactly three years, my girlfriend have got the voice of a angel and i didn't know i was still in shock! She was singing (when you tell  me that you love me : by Diana Ross)    but  i  only caught  from { "and baby everytime you  touch me i  become a hero"

          " I make you say no matter where you are and bring you" 

        " Everything you ask for nothing is above me  i'm shining like"

           "A  candle in the  dark when you tell me that you love me "

But she saw  me standing at the door  and  stop shyly and slowly release the headphones off of her ears  and made her way to me with the biggest  bear hug  "Justin!" she scream i missed you so much today" she told me.        

                                   The      end            Justin's   P.ov.


                            Normal  P.o.v.

I  didn't  want  Justin to know  my singing just yet  though  cause i  was planning to surprise him  at his birthday  party ,but let's hope he's not suspicious now. 

" So when were you planning on telling me about that angelic  voice of yours Shan?" Justin asks  hugging me back , i pull apart from the hug so i was looking directly at him .

" In fact  pretty soon pretty boy " i reply  "oh Justin you haven't given me my kiss yet either, and how was your day at the recording studio with Ushe - but before I could finish my sentence a pair of sweet  plump lips was crashing with mine but during our kiss Pattie came in  so we quickly pull apart.

" Hey mom  how  was your day  sorting out those paper works  today?"  Justin asks Pattie nervously

"It was a very tiring one  sweetie" she replied with a huge sigh escaping her lips " i just want to go and have a long nap now" Pattie respond really tired.

" My day wasn't as good either  because, i was chased by a mob of girls " Justin said giggling" so i joined him too, Pattie went to her bedroom   " Shan how would you like to go on vacation to the Bahamas with me  and my friends Ryan and Chaz will be coming with us too?" Justin ask me

" My eyes were the size of saucers and my jaw dropped to the ground," hell yeah!" and could i bring Ari with me too?" i  ask  

"  Of  course you can the more ,the merrier" he responded  but  it's going to be after my birthday  " he told me . 

" I knew Justin too well i know he was up to something, but i didn't let him know that i knew he was up to mischief  we went back in the living room  sat down on the couch  i grab the remote and turn on the tv  but Justin pull the remote from my hand and push me down gentle on the couch so that i was laying on my back and he was on top of me kissing me starting from my lips  down to my neck  he was leaving hot kisses all over i looked up in his eyes and i got lost in  them just as we were enjoying ourselves  his phone started  to vibrated in his jeans pocket  so he got up and answered it it was Ryan  so he walk to the kitchen and  talk to him there then after he hang up with Ryan and came back to the couch.

" Pretty  boy   I'm  going to take my shower now "  i told Justin " oh and maybe after  both of us could go get some ice cream from the ice cream parlour down the road   cause I'm feeling for some ice cream now .   I went and took a shower  after i was finish in the shower i wrap my towel around my  slim frame and step back in my bedroom  i got dressed in a purple short shorts and  a purple and white singlet top with my white supra, i blow dry my hair and apply some lip gloss to my lips.

" Justin?" i call as i was walking down the hallway to  his bedroom  his bedroom door was half open so i walk inside i saw him with only a towel wrapped around his hips  and his hair was wet  which made him lot sexier and hotter, " hey  am going to leave your room so you can get dressed  ok " i said walking through the door.

In the next five minutes time he was ready  he was wearing a pair of purple supra  a purple shirt and a white Hoodie  with white skinny jeans, finally we were both ready to go   Justin took up his car keys off of the coffee table downstairs in the living room we got in his car buckle our seat belts and drove to the ice cream parlour  Justin order  one cookie dough and one vanilla we sat down at a table  and soon after the  lady brought over our ice cream  to us we talk about our vacation and other stuff too until we were finished we left and drove back home but only to find Ryan and Chaz  hanging around outside the huge voice activated  gates, " JB"  Justin said "Voice recognize" the speaker said and the gates was opened now after the car was in park i got out and help Chaz with his suit case and  pretty boy help Ryan and all three of them did their hand shake.

I went to change and also Justin then we went back downstairs hand in hand  i think Ry and Chaz   went to bed , we put a movie in the dvd player  but halfway through the movie  i fell asleep in Justin's arms  (btw the movie was a walk to remember).....


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