Chapter 3

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The following week went by far too quickly. Korra spent her time visiting people in the village, staying at home with her mother and going with her father on one of his hunting trips. She reminisced old times with her family and by the time the week was over, Korra was reluctant to go.

 The young Avatar had to hold back tears as she saddled up Naga.

 She and her mother exchanged tearful farewells and tight hugs and kisses and her father offered her a firm pat on the back. "I'm going to miss you two." The Avatar said quietly. "We'll miss you too. You are our only child."

 "I know. I'm so sorry."

 "It's fine darling, we understand."

 Korra nodded at them. "Thanks."

 There was nothing left for her to say. Korra climbed aboard Naga and began her trek through the snow to the dock area where a ship awaited her. She turned back to wave at her parents who stood there watching her.

 When she arrived Northern Water Tribe guards greeted her and escorted her onto the ship and into the room she would be staying in. It was comfortable enough for Korra. There was a bed and a wardrobe which was all she needed. Naga had her own, empty room beside her. Korra took out all her clothes and moved to the deck. The ship began to depart and she wiped a tear from her eye. She knew she as going to miss her parents dearly.

 It took about a month to arrive in the Northern pole. It would have taken much longer in the older days but ships were far more technologically advanced and could therefore move through the water at striking speeds. A guard informed her that she was to dress formally for their arrival and she obliged. Now Korra stood on the deck of the ship, dressed in her mother's fancy Southern Watertribe garb, her hair up in a careful bun.

 Naga stood beside her and they watched as the Northerners began their complicated routine for opening their gates. The ship then proceeded to enter slowly and Korra, despite herself allowed her eyes to grow wide with awe. The city was magnificent. The canal that ran through the city and the impressive architectural structures of the many buildings wasn't the only thing to attract Korra's attention. There was a crowd of people in  boats and on the ice around the canal, all holding flags and posters and clapping upon her arrival. Korra blushed at all the attention. The people then proceeded to follow her in what appeared to be a parade through the city. After a 15 minutes of waving and smiling at everyone she could see, they reached the most impressive building of them all. It was the largest, tallest building seemingly in the middle of the city. Every bit of it seemed to have been hand carved with the minute and intricate design etched into the floor.

 The whole place, Korra decided, was worth more than herself. Too busy was Korra to notice that the doors of the ship had opened until two guards were positioned beside her, prepared to escort her down and out of the ship. Korra followed them as they wanted and soon stood upon the floors of the palace. Many officials stood in a line higher up the stair structure. They bowed. Korra nodded her head in their direction and the guard continued to escort her up the stairs. Korra smiled a greeting to them all, specifically the one man she recognized.

 He was tall and strongly built, bearing a striking resemblance to her father. "Uncle Unalaq!" She hugged him tightly until she heard a cough from one of the other officials. She pulled away and beamed brightly at her uncle. It was nice to see him, a familiar face among the see of strangers. Korra wondered idly where her cousins were. Probably locked up in their room somewhere, Korra thought.

 The officials began to move backwards towards chairs that Korra hadn't previously noticed, all except her uncle whom she stood beside.

 Korra leaned to her uncle and whispered in her ear, "Am I supposed to sit or...?" He chuckled and so did the crowd. Korra glanced down and noticed the microphone in her uncle's hand. She blushed.

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