Chapter 1: In The Beginning

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BLOOD. There is blood everywhere. I yank on the chains which clenched my wrists. I am trapped. There is no way I can get out of here. I had to see if Violet was okay, I hate to see her hurt. I tried to cry out to her but the words couldn't escape me. I couldn't stay here; I have to leave - but how? I could feel the pain burning up inside of me, my head was throbbing; I could feel the blood dripping down my face. I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. I needed to be strong but all I wanted to do was collapse and pretend that nothing ever happened. But it did. This was all reality...


The sun began to shine through the metal bars of the chamber. I opened my eyes. No sign of him. I looked around, everything was still the same. The possibility of dreaming this whole event was whipped clear from my mind. This was more real than I thought. Suddenly, a spark of light began to flicker in the corner of my eye. What could I be? My eyes darted around the room, searching for the hidden light, then, I found it.A knife. A reflection from the sun made streams of light appear. He must have left it in here. This could be my escape! I reached for the knife; I could feel the chains begin to strain as they reached maximum length. "Argh..." The chains began to rub my wrists, cutting into my skin. I started to kick the knife, but all it did was push it further away. I sunk further into the corner of the room I was chained to. I banged my head against the wall, forgetting about the huge cut on the side of my forehead, "ouch!" I cried out. Then, I remembered something. I had a key in my pocket! Luckily, the chain was long enough for me to reach into my left jacket pocket and grab it. The key in my left hand, I put the end of the key into the lock which clamped my right wrist stiff. "Please work," I thought to myself. Then suddenly, "click" the chain unlocked. I wanted to shout with joy but I knew I couldn't, 'he' would come back. If 'he' knew that I had found a way to free myself from this awful torture, I would be gone for life. I unlocked my other wrist and ran over to my sister with the energy I had left.

"Vi!" I shook her. "Violet please!" I shouted loader. Then, the sound of footsteps began to get closer. I'd shouted to load! I quickly unlocked Violets chains and held her I'm my arms. Then, I remembered. There was a trapped door near were Violet was lay. I quickly pulled the door open and jumped through, holding Violet tightly in my arms. Then, we were in a place we have never been or seen before, a mystical place. The only thing I could possibly think of doing was to run, faster than I had ever done before in my entire lifetime. I saw the trees of the entrance to a forest, I ran into it. I glanced back to see his hazy, dark figure staring straight into my soul. I began to pick up the pace, and soon enough, I could no longer see him. I lay Violet down on a bank of golden brown, autumn leaves as I slumped down against a nearby tree. "What do I do…” I threw my head in my hands; a tear began to trickle down my rosy red cheek. I had achieved my escape, but I might lose the most important thing to me - my sister.

A sudden cough broke the silence. I looked over at Violet. She had woken. I knelt beside her, "Violet! Thank goodness you're alive!" I helped her up, even though she was alive, she is still very weak. "W....what happened to me Indi?" I didn't want to tell her what we had gone through, it’s best if she doesn't remember. "Never mind that, oh look at the gash in you're leg..." Violet looked down at herself, only to be greeted by a large, deep cut down her leg. She tried to walk, but she couldn't.

"Ouch! I can't walk!" I could tell by her expression that she felt useless. "Its okay Vi, just hold onto me," She's lost too much blood; I need to get her help. I decide that we should keep walking through the forest, the sooner I can get help for my sister, the better.

I covered Violet's leg with any leaves I could find before we set off again, I didn't want her leg to get infected so I tried to do the best thing for her at this stage. Violet threw her arms around my shoulders as we trudged on through the dark and oak forest. Were we going to get any further? This trail we had taken through the forest seemed to be getting nowhere. The pale, blue sky began to turn to a dark, midnight black colour and the stars began to shine brighter than I had ever seen them. Violet cried out in pain,

"I can't go any further Indi! My hurts so much..." I pulled her arms from around my shoulders and sat her down by the nearest, shady tree. With the bit of light that was left I managed to find some more leaves to change the ones I had put on Violets wound. "Here, use your coat as a blanket, I will go and see if I can find a water supply to get us something to drink and to clean your wound too."

I turned to Violet, but she had fallen asleep. I began to search around, with the natural light source gone, in desperation I reached in my coat pocket to find a torch, "well that was lucky," I whispered to myself. I walked further to see a flick of light. Is that a flame? Has someone set a fire? I walked towards the light to be greeted by a male, shadowed figure. Who can this be?

"Oh sorry I didn't know there was anyone else around this area, I...I will just go..." The male figure turned to look at me, "No, no stay, why don’t you take these sleeping bags and some essentials you might need, and they will soon come to good use..." He handed me a leather bag. I was completely stunned and surprised by the his generosity. "Oh...oh thank you so much, who...who are you" I anxiously asked. He looked at me, like he could hear what I was thinking, and just plainly spoke a single sentence, "I am Altair Netherspark..."

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