chapter 7.

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Skylar's P.O.V.

I come home from the cinema's with Charles to find Luke and Sophia snuggled up next to each other on the floor. They tell me that they are now boyfriend/girlfriend. I'm so happy for Soph, after everything she's gone through, she's happy again and I know Luke won't hurt her. I here Luke saying bye to Soph next door, he knocks on my door and shouts 'Bye Sky.' I reply 'Bye Luke.' 

I'm just chilling on my bed, with my headphones when Sophia comes in and jumps on me. 'What!!' I shout at her. 'I can't believe what's happened today!, and oh my god I've got the best thing to tell you.' I sit up excited 'well what is it then?' 'I promised Luke I wouldn't say but I'm going to tell you.' 'JUST SPIT IT OUT SOPHIA!.' 'Jai likes you!!.' I looked at her stunned, Jai really liked me?. I didn't believe Sophia, who would like me, no one ever likes me! 'and I know you like him too'. She carried on. I couldn't lie I did like Luke, but never in a million years would I of thought he would of liked me!. 

'You should text him' she said sliding me and piece of paper and giving me a wink. I kicked her playfully and just laughed at her. Sophia had just genuinely given me Jai's number, which she must of got off Luke. I decided to text him.

'Hey Jai, It's Skylar. Sorry that me and my sister have been ignoring you boys, we're having a hard week.' 

He replied straight away. 'Hey Sky!. It's totally fine we understand if you have personal things going on. But just remember that were always here ok, whenever you need!.(:'

I got up, and went to Sophia's room. Did you text him Jai?'  'Yeah' I nodded. 'and.. did he reply?'. she asked laying down on her bed. I blushed and nodded. 'See Sky I told you he likes you!' 'Don't be stupid! Look at me Sophia, just take a look. What's there to like? Some ugly stupid anorexic girl. Jai's to good for me and you know it. He's probably joking so when we go to school he can take the piss jsut like everyone else had. I'm so sick of it Soph! Why can't I be like you?' Angry tears fell down my cheeks. 

Sophia leapt off her bed, and threw her arms around me. 'Sh Sky it's okay! He isn't like all the other boys! I don't know how hard it is for you, but you don't know how hard it is for me, trusting Luke after everything I've been through!' She sighs. 'We've been through a lot Skyla, lets leave it all in the past now yeah?.' I sniff and nod. I'm glad I had a sister like Sophia, she's not just a sister to me, she's a bestfriend aswell. 

*At Dinner*

'So Sophia I heard you and Luke Brooks are getting quite friendly? Catherine asked Sophia. 'Yeah we're friends.' She lies. I know Soph and I know she adores Luke. She's going to have to tell Catherine and Stewart that she's going out with Luke sooner or later. 'He's a good kid!' Catherine nods in approval, giving her a wink. 'Wait a minute, didn't you girls leave to get away from boys? and here you are running back to them?. Stewart asks me, 'Skylar your being sensible aren't you?'. I nod and look down. 'Sky?' he asks pressuring me to answer. 'I've met Luke and Jai and that's all.' I admit taking another bite of my pizza. I look around nervously. I can't eat anymore, 'You've hardly ate anything.' Catherine and Sophia say both at the same time. I look away. 'Well I don't trust those boys! You know they make themselves sick?' Stewart says. I look up. 'They don't have to do it, they do it for likes on the internet , It's horrible!.' Soph grabs my hand and squeezes it, I could tell she was getting angry. I couldn't blame her. How was she suppose to tell Stewart about Luke, after what he just said about him and his brothers. 'May we be excused? We want to prepare for tomorrow!' Soph asks sweetly. 'Okay!, remember to set your alarms for 7a.m. girls! Catherine says jumping in before Stewart could say anything else, about the Janoskians. Sophia drags me from the table and up the stairs 'Get your laptop.' She whispers as I shut my bedroom door. 

We log on the laptop and check our facebook's and twitter's before going to bed. Sophia had nearly 20,000 followers which was probably because of all the fans that saw the picture of her and Luke, and then there was me with still only 100 followers. She also had over 300 hundred friend requests. My phone vibrated. New text message from Jai, it said 'Hey Sky, tomorrow as its yours and Sophia's first day at Penola, wanna walk with me and Luke to school, so you get to know where it is, and we'll also show you around if you'se wanted?(:' I replied. 'Yeah sure Jai, that would be lovely. Thankyou, we'll meet you tomorrow morning!.' I got another message. 'Okay Sky be sure to be up bright and early! Good night Skylar, have a nice sleep(:' I smiled at the message.'Good night Jai. X'

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