Alternate Ending

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This is my friend's ending

Alternate Ending

 “Now, Amber!” Stefan says, and the Amber girl starts chanting something. Elise kneels down against the wall, as far from them as she can be. Suddenly, Elise sees a body rising, surrounded in blue light. 

It was Ellie’s soul rising in front of Elise. What I thought he was going to take my soul…Elise thinks confused. “Stefan let Elise go! You have no right to take her life! I will return to you if you leave her alone.” Ellie’s soul says to Stefan angrily.

“Why should I trust you?” Stefan questions Ellie.

Before she answered Ellie went into her body. “See, now let her go.” Ellie says. Stefan looks at her in shock. Before he speaks Ellie does. “Come Elise I will take you back to Damon.”

Not sure what Elise should do she followed Ellie to where Damon was, halfway to Stefan’s house. “Take her and go, I’ll deal with Stefan.” Ellie says smiling at Damon.

“Thank you Ellie.” Damon says taking Elise into his arms as she runs to him.

They walk back to Damon’s house. When they get to the porch Damon stops and turns to Elise.

“I have something to ask you Elise.” Damon says.

“Huh?” Elise says.

“After all we been through this past week or so…I was wondering if you would be willing to marry me?” Damon says kneeling down and pulling out a ring.

“Yes!” Elise says jumping up and down letting Damon put the ring on her finger.

Damon and Stefan have a double wedding, Damon getting married to Elise and Stefan getting married to Ellie. Stefan turns back to normal… and well…you get the picture they all live happily ever after.  And yes Elise does see her mother again.                

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