Oh How I Wish...

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"Please mom, PLEASE! One Direction's only going to be in New York City for one more week, and I can't go on weekdays, and it's already Friday! Pretty please!" "Fine, fine, just shut up, and only if you promise that you, Anelise, Nicole and Emma do NOT split up." "Okay, I promise, thank you, mom, thank you SO MUCH!" Was this really happening, MY mother, the same woman who wouldn't let me leave her side at the grocery store was letting me and my sisters go to look for One Direction in New York freaken City!? "Okay mom, so can you drive us to the train station now?" "Really, Rosie, really? I'm warning you, don't push my buttons." "Wouldn't dream of it" I said sarcastically, which you learn to do well with a mother like mine.


There we were, four directioners standing in the middle of Grand Central Station, hunting for 1D, except instead of guns and maps, we have cameras and twitter. "Rosie, you know the most about where the boys would be, so where do we go" my oldest sister Anelise said in a harsh tone. "Hey, watch it, and Louis tweeted that they were doing an interview with chanel 12 news like an hour ago" "LIAM, HERE I COME!" Nicole, my twin shouted, she only liked him. "Oh my god, what if I acutally SEE Harry with my own two eyes, I'd die, right there and then" said Emma, my younger sister. "Guys, do you know what the chances of us actually seeing. let along meeting them is, I'll never get Zayn's autograph" "Anelise, can you not be Debby Downer for like two seconds, and our chances are even slimmer if we don't get going?" "Right, let's go" said Nicole happily. It kind of bothered me how Emma was obsessing over Harry the whole time as we ventured into the inner city, mostly because he's MY favorite, and it's hard to have three other sisters who love the same boy band as you and not get upset, luckily, besides Liam and Zayn, the boys were dead to Nicole and Anelise. "Okay, let's split up, it'll be easier that way, I'll go with Rosie and Nicole and Emma you guys go together" said Anelise. "Mom said to stay together, plus what if two of us meet them and not the other two?" I said, not approving of this idea. "Yeah, great idea, come on Nicole" said Emma, running right passed me. "Hey, don't get lost, Emma, watch the cars!" "Rosie, would you RELAX, she's twelve, not four, plus she's with Nicole, a fine-functioning 16 year-old." "Okay, I guess you're right, let's go Lissie." That was my nickname for her, somehow me and Lissie got along better than me and Nicole did. "Hey, finding the boys might not be so hard after all, plus can you just picture Nic and Em's face's when we meet Zayn and they DON'T!" "You mean One Direction, right" I said laughing. "Sure, whatever, COME ON!"

Boy she was wrong.

"Oh.My.God. Look at all these girls, no way in h.ell we are getting anywhere near that studio." Lissie was right, even though she was being a Debby Downer again, she was 100 percent right. "Um...well- wait look, there's Em and Nic!, NIC, EM, OVER HERE!" I screamed, they turned around then came running towards us. "Guys, they're deffinatly in there, but how are you gonna' get in?" Nicole said. "Well, let's at least try to get through, if we get seperated, just run across the street then call me." she said. "Okay, but Em, be careful, you something happens you scream my name as loud as you can, yopu got it?" "Okay, okay, gotta' go!" "Okay, Nic, see ya' on the other side." I almost screamed due to the fact that there were at least 70 screaming fans next to us. I tried going in as polite as I could. "Um, exuse me, sorry, excuse me." These girls didn't apreciate my efforts, "Hey, watch it! Stop pushing!" they all screamed. I stopped trying for a second, and then I got a glimse of Anelise. I watched as she just pushed her way through the crowd, I stared in amzment for a moment, she just drove through girls like there was no tomorrow. Then I got shoved almost to the ground, then it just hit me. This was the chance to see One Direction, Harry freaken Styles in person, now was no time to be the shy quiet girl I was. "Okay, Rosie, just go, don't be a pussy, now's not the time" Before I could blink, I was storming my way through the crowed, I was almost running. I heard girls scream, "Ouch" and "What the hell-" Beofre they even got that far, I was ten feet ahead of them, sfter about 30 seconds, some girls started letting me through. I couldn't help but feel like the biggest bitch in the world. Afetr about 2 minutes of pushing and shoving, I was at the front. Somehow, Anelise, Em and Nic all meet up there, "Rosie? How'd you get up here?" Lissie said, almost like she expected me not to get there. "Same way you did, now move!" That's when things got bad. Girls were trying the same shit we pulled and if any girls tried to get passed, me and Lissie shoved them back. Of course, Em was tiny, so Nicole protected her. We waited for about 15 minutes, then girls went crazy. "Just finished the interveiw, went great!" A tweet. From Liam. That means they would be out soon, so me and Anelise used all out might to fight off the other girls behind us. We waiting about 5 minutes then we heard screams "No!?, how could they!" I checked my phone and the worst tweet a fan can see poped up. "Sorry guys, police said it was to dangerous to come out the front, we're already on our way to the hotel :(" Another tweet from Naill. "S.HIT! They can't be gone, GOD DAMNIT!" Anelise shouted. Emma started to tear up. Some fans ran with their parents to their cars, others got taxis as fast as they could. The four of us, along with a few other girls with no parents, knew it was too late. One-by-one girls walked away, eiether crying or cursing. I stood shocked, how could this happen? This was suposed to be the best day of my life, and it's over. "Okay guys, let's go home" said Nicole about to burst into tears. "Wait guys, we can try the hotel, we-" I was cut off, "Don't you get it Rosie, it's over, o-v-e-r, over. We aren't meeting them, not now, not ever!" I intantly started softly crying, not because of not meeting the boys. Lissie never screams at me, we're best friends. "...Let's get to the train station" Emma said quietly.

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