I want to be more than friends - A Harry Styles Story

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Chapter 19

We stepped off the train, Molly took my hand and we went over to the seating area so we could wait for my Dad.

'Where's Daddy?' Molly asked

'Probably on his way' I reassured

But really I had no idea where he was, he wasn't answering any texts, but maybe he's just driving. Hopefully. I looked around, I'd never been here before but it was pretty cool, I guess. Nothing compared to Cheshire though.

I immediatley felt home sick, is this the right decision? I had everything back in Chesire, a boy friend (kind of) friends, and my Mum. 

The thought of my Mum being at home on her own made me feel sick, and guilty, so I just tried to push that aside for now. I guess I'd have to make new friends here, but I'm like really, really awkward, so that'd be hard. 

Text from - Harry

You've made the wrong decision, why can't you see that? 

I know I have Harry, I just don't want to believe it. I looked away from my phone, he was right. I had made the wrong decision, but I can't just mess everyone about.

To - Harry

I know I have.

I clicked the send button, it had been about half an hour since we arrived now, where the heck was he?!

'Faye I'm hungry' Molly whined

Oh no, I don't like a hunrgy Molly, she turns very grumpy. We went over to the cafe and I bought us both a cheese toastie and a hot chocolate. I checked my phone for texts off Dad, but still none. I clicked call on his contact card and waiting for the ringing to begin.

'The number you have called is no longer in use' 

What? He's disconnected his number? Why the heck would he do that when he knew we were coming down? Is that why he was acting weird when I told him we wanted to move down here? My body went into instant panick, I knew he wasn't coming.

I rang and rang again still listening to the same voice.

'The number you have called is no longer in use'

I didn't know what to do, I couldn't tell Molly, do we wait here or what? Maybe his phone was broke or something..

Oh stop it Faye, Mum was probably right and so was Harry, he'd just let me down like he normally does, I just didn't want to believe it.

Time got later and later, by now it was 7pm and the train station workers were giving us strange looks.

Text from - Harry

Did your Dad get you both? Are you okay?

I sighed, should I tell him or not? Maybe I should just called it quits and ring my Mum.

Ring ring...Ring ring...Ring ring...

Great, she was probably still in work. Could this get any better?

To - Harry

You were right

I locked my phone and Molly had fallen asleep on my shoulder, I took my jacket off and put it over her as a blanket, slowly my eyes closed too. 

My shoulder rocked, I opened my eyes to be greeted by Harry.

'He didn't come did he' He muttered

I swallowed and shook my head, he grunted and placed his jacket around me.

'Let's get you home' He whispered

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