Louis P.O.V

Its been hours since we last saw Jane's parents. We have walked for hours and miles in the middle of nowhere and our food supply is getting low.

Our suitcases are weighing us all down and make the trip seem harder to get somewhere. Right now we're so despreate we tried hitch hiking but no one seems to want to pick up six random teenagers who look like the inside of a trash can. Sweet trickles down my face and back, My mouth and throat feel as dry as sand paper and at any given moment my legs would give out.

The wind is hot and shabby and the gusts of sand and dirt make it really hard to breath becuase every time you inhale you end up either chocking, coughing or in an incontrollable fit of sneezes.

"Guys, we need to make camp somewhere, its getting late and the look on some of our faces really look tired," Liam says getting me out of my deep thoughts.

" BUT WHERE! we are in the freaking DESERT!" blurts out Zayn.

"We've got to keep our cool guys, lets just make camp somewhere and wait to see what tomorrow brings us," says Harry.

" Yeah, Harry's right guys, but doesnt the desert get super cold at night?" questions Jane.

" We'll just have to put on a bunch of our spare clothes and huddle up, maybe even make a fire you know to keep warm," explains Niall.

We walk in silence for a few more hours until our legs literally give out and I almost faint.

" Thats it! we're stopping here,'' says Liam.

We gather around and pull out our suitcases. Luckily we packed for cold weather since the UK has cold weather almost all the time we packed loads of warm clothes.

Everyone looks really suffocated in the clothes and to brighten up the mood a bit i deside to play a little game.

" Hey Niall wanna play a sumo wrestler match!" I yell.

" SURE!" he chimes.

" OKAI! Liam will you be our ring master?" i ask.

"Ah, sure what've I got to loose," He says.

" In this corner weighing in at 152 pounds, he's an Irish man coming in from the land of Lucky charms, NIALL HORAN!.....and in this corner weighing in on 150 pounds! the Swag master from Doncaster, Louis Tomlinson!" Says Liam in a very beliveable announcers voice.

I hear Jane burst in a fitof laughter and some snickers from the other boys which puts a smile on my face to know even in the scariest and darkest of situations, I can still make people laugh.

" Ready! set...... GO!" Liam yells. Chants for Niall and Me go all around the deserted desert and I cant help but laugh and smile like a fool as i take my attack on Niall.

We trash kick punch and some are epic fails which makes everyone laugh even harder. Niall and I of course end up tired and beaten down.

" GAME!, i give and now im HUNRY!" shouts Niall as i have him pinned to the ground.


"Agh, fine! LOUIS IS THE SMEXXIEST BEAST< SWAG MASTER FROM DONCATSER! now get off of me!" exclaims Niall.

I laugh and smile triumphantly and turn to the other who are on the floor clutching their stomach laugh so hard I see tears stream down their face.

" Oh Louis! you always know what to do, but we stil need to make camp so lets get to it," Jane says.

" Why thank you! and yeah lets go off to bed Im beat,'' I say.

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