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Chapter One

"Today Avril Steep and her three sisters, Fate, Rayne, and Rose Steep were reported missing this morning. They were last seen walking home from school Thursday afternoon. Rose has brunet hair and is ten years old. Fate has dirty blonde hair and is twelve. Rayne is fifteen and has dark brown hair. And Avril sixteen with also dark brown hair. If you have any information on these girls please call the number below. We want to get them home safe and sound." then news lady on tv said.

Two Days Before Thursday:

"Avril, dinner is ready!" I heard my mom call. I walked in and she said, "go get your sisters from outside." I walked out side to find the girls digging a whole in the sand. Our lawn hasent ever grown grass, so we only have sand sitting in front of our one bed room house. This one bedroom house I call home has one bedroom and and a very small room we put the talbe in, calling it our kitchen. Our hom is maded out of just wood, like a cabin. Were very poor, but we get by. While my mother works at the nieghborhood store, Rayne and me clean houses for three dollars an hour. While were all gone Fate and Rose stay home. It only takes us about two hours a day, so we get six dollars a day. My mom gets sixty dollars a week for working three p.m. to ten p.m. every week day.

"What are yall girls doing!" I yelled.

"Were digging a hole so we can burry our sisters box," Rose said.

"Come on in, dinners ready," I said. They raced inside to the table. I stopped Fate on her way in, "where's Rose?"

"She left with Johnny Bent," she said. I went to the table where we all sat down.

"Rose left with Johnny again," I said.

"That girl," my mother laughed.

"Mom its not funny, Johnny is eighteen, She shouldnt be around him," I said.

"Avril, I appreciate you looking out for your sister, but she's fifteen. What did you expect?" She laughed.

"But, I dont trust him. I swear the next time I see him," I said.

"Avril, we do not swear in this house. Now lets pray," she said. We all grabbed hands and bowed our heads. "Dear, Lord thankyou for our friends, and family. Thankyou for our food that lays before us. Amen."

We all grabbed a peice of bread and began pouring ketchup on it. Sipping our water from our nieghbors water hose. They let us use it, they know were very poor. Rose ran in the door, inturrupting us.

"Sorry I'm late, Johnny's truck broke down on the way home." Rose said.

"Your food is on the counter," my mother said. Rose grabbed her bread and sat down.

"How'd Johnny'struck break down?" I asked Rose in a snobby way.

"I dont know, it just did," she sad rudley. I got up from the table and went to the room.

Rose walked in behind me, "are you just trying to get me in trouble?"

I looked at her, "you are only fifteen."

She rolled her eyes, "you were only fourteen on your first."

I stood in front of her, "you had sex with him?"

"We've been together for four months," she stated.

"I was with my first for a year," I said.

She laughed, "well im just impationt, aint I?"

I slapped her across the face, "your a whore!"

My mother ran in looking at my sister, then at me, "what did you do?"

"She slapped me!" my sister yelled.

"Why would you slap your sister?" my mom asked.

"Cause she's a whore!" I yelled.

"Mom, mom I know what your thinking but its not like that," she said. "I only had sex with one person and only one time."

My mother looked at her, "when?"

Rose looked down, "today." My mother slammed the bedroom door shut. Leaving only her, Rose and me in. Then grabbed a belt of the floor. Then she grabbed Rose by the hair, bending her on the bed. No one in my house got by with anything in my house doing something bad without disipline.

My mother yelled at me, "Avril, lift up her dress."

Doing what my mother said I did, my sister yellled, "mom please!" My sister struggled to get away and my mom pulled down my sisters underwear. She started whooping my sister with it. After hitting her with it a few minutes she finally stopped. My mother sighed and walked out the room. My sister layed on the floor crying. I didnt feel sorry for her though. I felt like she got what she deserved.

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