Chapter 15

Niall’s POV

Mia almost caught me reading her bucket list as she walked out of the bathroom without her friend, who I suspected was taking a shower. She was curious as to what I had, but I just grinned at her as she took the food.

Her friend exited the bathroom and I got up to help her, she still looked really hung over. I was about to help her to the couch when Mia darted up and pulled her into her room.

I wondered what was going on, but I figured it was just ‘girl talk’. I sat back down on the couch for a second and waited for them to come out again. After a few minutes I decided to get up and listen in.

I put my ear against the door just as I heard Mia say, “We have to leave for home in 12 hours! Claire is sending us back because One Direction is sick!”

I backed away. So management knew I was gone, now ‘One Direction was sick’? And because of this Mia and her friend were going home? Why? I had so many questions as I sat back down on the couch slowly. Mia’s notebook poked me in the leg and I pulled it out again.

I opened to a random page; ride on a double decker bus said one, unchecked line. I wondered why, she seemed like she had settled down here for a while. Why hadn’t she been on one?

I looked back down and saw …with him written underneath it. him, who? I guessed it was a guy, but she didn’t seem to be with anyone at the moment.

I decided that it was just a special someone that she meant.

I pushed the notebook back into my pocket, and got to thinking. I could leave or stay.

Leaving meant Mia could stay for some reason because One Direction would no longer be sick, but I wouldn’t get to see Mia again.

Staying meant I could spend a day with Mia, even though she wouldn’t like it and I might be found by Management which was most likely scouring the city for me at the moment.

I decided to help Mia and got up to leave her apartment.

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