Chapter Eleven (The End)

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This one is my ending, my friend's ending will be next. I like mine better though ;P

Chapter Eleven

When Elise woke up she found herself on the floor by Damon’s bed. She looks up the bed to see Damon chuckling. “Why am I on the floor Damon?” Elise asks curious.

“Because you kept kicking me and trying to get away and yelling at the top of your lungs to let you go so I did and you ended up on the floor.” Damon says smiling.

Elise blushed and looked down, then glanced at the clock. “Eight o’clock? That’s better…” she muttered and stood up, stretching on her tippy toes. The entire time Damon was watching her every move. Damon was smiling, watching Elise bounce around the room ‘tidying’ it up, when his finely tuned ears heard something…

…splitting image of Ellie… must have… soon…

He only heard that far before the owner of the thoughts put up a block so Damon couldn’t hear anymore. “Elise? Do you hear something?” he murmured, wondering if Elise had heard something while he was focusing, as she had stopped moving.

“Mmm? Well, I just thought I saw my mom again…” must’ve been one of Stefan’s illusions like Damon had said last time…

“Stefan.” Damon stated, standing up. Stefan! What are you doing here? Damon asked, projecting his thoughts so Stefan would hear him.

Keeping my eyes on the prize, brother. Damon heard Stefan answer.

Growling, Damon thought, What do you mean by that, brother?

Stefan laughed, and Damon heard it out loud. What? You think I just wanted the shell of Ellie's body? Hah! I'll need Elise's soul in Ellie's body in order to get her back… then Stefan left the clearing, and ultimately Damon's hearing, with an echoing sinister laugh.

“Damon... w-what’s going on?” Elise asks nervously.

“Stefan wants your soul.” Damon says through gritted teeth looking around.

My soul? Why would he want MY soul? “Why does he want my soul?” Ellie asks confused and scared.

“To put in Ellie’s body. “ Damon says still looking around.  “He wants Ellie back.”

He gestures Elise to come over to him. Before she could come halfway to Damon Stefan grabs a hold of Elise. “Stefan let Elise go! You know I am stronger than you so you better do as I say.” Threatens Damon.

“Please, brother, just because you are older than I, doesn’t mean you are stronger.” Stefan sneers, holding Elise's arms behind her back.

“But I am stronger than you, Stefan. And I'm tired of you always pushing me around because you're unstable,” Damon says, a little calmer than before. If I tempt him too much, there is no telling what he'll do to Elise…

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