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Dear diary,

It has been two weeks since my drunken night and stupid kiss with said crush slash amazingly hot sexy screamer of TWNC…

Screw you head diary, last time I try to go all Bridget Jones on this shit :-/

Yes folks, it’s been two weeks and during those two weeks I have managed to avoid said lead singer. What? Am I not a lot dignity?

You lost that when you kissed him.

Bugger off you stupid voice; I’m not in the mood from you right now. got it?

Ooo, touchy.

“Roar!” I growled to my stupid head. Seriously, I think I’m crazy.

I walked across the social flat towards the school. Stupid Saturday classes. Stupid Eponine drinking underage. Stupid Dean for being so damn sexy.

I looked at my phone for the time. 8:05. I’m not that late. I don’t think I care either; I just want to live through this media class and go to Nad’s for her birthday. It’s the 22nd you know; lucky bitch is 18 today. I envy her so much. Wish I was 18…

“Watch it.” Someone complained when I walked into them.

I looked up t about to apologise when I was smart enough to recognise the incredibly hot boy in front of me. Oh…shit….


“Hey…Dean…” I waved uncomfortably.

“Where have you been? I’ve been trying to get hold of you for days.” He burst.

“I…was…doing...homework…?” I answered in the form of a question. Yeah, I’m confusing and I really don’t want to be in the position I’m in right now.

“You’re lying; talk to me Eppi.” Dean placed a hand on my shoulder and looked into my red contact eyes.

“Em…I have to get to class.” Not to mention a detention later for being late. Oh the day in the life of Eponine the rebel. I bypassed him and pegged it into the school. I got to the 3rd floor when I finally stopped running. You idiot Eppi! He’s just a boy! You know lots of boys!

But none are like him…

Shut up and get to class!

Yes, ma’am.

I trudged up the last flight of stairs and into the computer lab ignoring the glare and ranting from Mr. Deavy as I took my usual seat in the middle row.

Class was fun. NOT! Brent wouldn’t bugger off and tried to copy my answers on the stupid test Sir decided to give us. I swear he’s out to get my since I back talked him two weeks ago. Every opportunity he gets it’s ‘Ms. Price! Detention!’ or ‘Ms. Price! 1000 words on this article!’  Even if it’s not my fault. (Though it normally is)

“Ms. Price, we do not tolerate cheaters in this class.” Sir spat at me.

I wasn’t even looking at his paper. I’m really not in the mood for this.

“Then you should invite your wife and her toy boy. They could learn a lesson from that.” I shot back.

“What did you just say?” he glared at me.

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