Chapitre Neuf

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Chapitre Neuf

“Drum roll please!” Janie yelled out, hyped up for her next ‘expedition’, as she called it in her mind.

Etienne drummed on his legs a small amount, he clearly had much less enthusiasm.

“La Tour de Eiffel!” She shouted, a few people may have heard her, but not seen her due to the fact that she and Etienne were once more sitting in their secret hideout in the park.


“Yeah! Where is your excitement?!” Janie demanded.

“Right here, it’s just hidden so that I don’t shout out and make people walking through the park think that they’re hearing voices.

“Well, they are hearing voices then.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Etienne sighed, slightly frustrated.

“I know.” Janie smiled sweetly back at Etienne’s scowl. “Now turn that frown upside down and let’s get moving!” And with that, She lurched forward, shimmying out of the small entrance.

As Etienne emerged, he looked pointedly at Janie, “You do know, this won’t work.”

“Stop it! You could be a little more optimistic you know.”

“Sure.” Etienne replied in a monotone voice. “Lead the way then, Miss Optimism.”

“I knew I shouldn’t have let you lead the way.” Etienne muttered under his breath.

Janie called back over her shoulder, “Hey, I heard that!”

“Listen, I can show you the way to the Eiffel Tower if you want.”

“No, you said for me to lead the way and I am going to lead the way.” Janie said determined, turning from staring at the metro map to staring at her companion.

“If you just--”

“La la la la la la laaah! I can’t hear your suggestions.” Janie sang loudly.

“You are being so childish!” Etienne said, exasperated.

“What’s that you say?” She stopped singing, removing her hands that had previously been clasped over her ears.

“You are being so childish!” Etienne repeated.

“Goal accomplished?” Janie said, wondering if that was really her goal or if she had just randomly said that. After a moment’s thought, she decided it was neither random nor her goal. “You know what Etienne?”


“I know something that you will never be.”

Etienne looked at her with mild curiosity.

“A kindergarten teacher.”

“Wha-- No, I won’t be a kindergarten teacher because I plan on being a Photographer.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I know,” Etienne mirrored what Janie had said to him previously that morning, “but I could if I had wanted.”

“But you seem to have no tolerance -or hardly any- for so-called childish behaviour.”

“I do, when it comes to children. But here... You aren’t a child.”

“Once a child, always a child. You just have to find your inner child at times.” Janie span around on the concrete floor of the subway, and changing the subject said, “See here, if we take this line down here.”

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