Chapter Two

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I woke up at around six o'clock. I had fallen asleep after oovooing Maggie and Tyler for like 2 hours.

The first thing I did was check my phone.


Maggie and Tyler had continued to the t last night.... Of course.

I had a couple other texts but I just ignored them.

One thing did catch my eye though. I had a missed call

From.... Louis

I checked the left voicemail. "er... Hi Morgan it's Louis.. Uhmm.. Just call me when you can? Ok bye"

I just smiled. I wasn't going to call him this early so I sent him a text.

-Hi Louis... I saw where you called and wasnt going to call you this early but maybe we can talk later? :)-

Yea that seemed ok. I pressed send and started getting ready for school.


I had my hair up in a ponytail. The curls actually looked nice for once. A little mascara on. I had my jersey on, number 10 like always, my forest green spanks on, and my black knee pads and other pair of Mizuno shoes.

I was ready to kick some ace.

Coach Tracey told us our starting positions. Me, being a middle hitter only played on the front row so she had me start at 4 (which is front-left) ... This should go well.


Soooo... I made it to the game. And wow, she's amazing.

It was game point and someone in the back hit the ball to what I guessed to be the setter who set it to Morgan who hit it right on the middle of the court. She won the last point and it was amazing.

They all came into the middle and shook hands.

It took a couple of minutes for her to talk to her couch and the rest of her teammates and then finally she was finished and I made my way to her.

"hi there" i smiled.

She looked up shocked. "Louis?"

"the one and only" I smirked. "you were amazing"

"oh my gosh.. I can't believe you're here and thank you" she got excited and gave me a hug.

Whoa. I didn't see that one coming.

"sorry" she blushed. Ahah cute.

"it's alright. Do you have any plans tonight?"

She shook her head.

"perfect. How about I take you out to celebrate your victory?"

Her face lit up. "yea... But I gotta get ready. I guess you could wait at my house if you'd like?"

"sounds great"

We just kinda stood there for a second until a man walked up to her.

"That was good, Morgan. But remember, focus" he patted her on the back.

I don't know who this guy is but he should give her a break. She did wonderful.

"yeah dad I know" she rolled her eyes.

"and who's this" he spat and pointed to me.

"oh yea! Louis this is my dad. Dad, Louis"

"nice to meet you sir" I shook his hand.

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