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Chapter 14

Mia's POV

What was going on? My head started to spin. I was so confused and Chloe wasn't helping seeing as she was throwing up. I knelt down beside her and held her hair back. She looked really green as I helped her wash her face and get into the shower. I picked up the newspaper once more and stared at the band. I threw it angrily in the trash can, for no reason, or for reason, I couldn’t tell anymore.

I turned on the fan and made sure Chloe was going to be ok and left the bathroom to go check on the blonde- I mean Niall.

I found him sitting on my couch eating what was supposed to be my lunch. I groaned, and he fumbled with something in his hand and put it in his pocket.

“What was that?” I asked him suspiciously.

“Nothing” he blushed and grinned at me cheekily.

I took the macaroni and cheese bowl and fork away from him and walked it over to the sink. I wasn’t sure if I still wanted him to leave. If I got an interview, Claire would be super suspicious and I still needed to pack. My flight left in 12 hours.

I was about to walk over to him and show him the door again when Chloe came out of the bathroom. She was still very pale but looked a little bit better. Niall got up to comfort her, but I beat him.

 I dragged her into my room and shut my door, ignoring Niall’s attempts to help. I pushed her down on my bed and threw her a sweatshirt and leggings instead of my robe. As she changed, I started pacing.

“Chloe! What are we going to do? He can’t just stay here! We need to get him out!” I told her when she had finished changing and was putting her hair up in a messy bun.

“But I thought you brought him here on purpose?!” Chloe looked up at me confused before falling back on my bed clutching her head.

“Uuuh no. Why would I do that?” I asked her.

“Just wondering gosh! How’d he get here then?”

“He was at the bar you brought us to last night. And speaking of that, WHERE WERE YOU?” I said a little too loudly, causing Chloe to roll over clutching her ears.

I really didn’t have time for this, I went to walk out of my bedroom and shove the teen sensation out when Chloe sat up, quickly.

“Wait Mia! I have a plan! Please just hear me out!”

I stopped and turned around, “Just how effective is it? Are we going to find a popstar exterminator?” I said sarcastically.

“No! To keep him here!” she replied, her eyes growing big.

“Hah! Not happening Chloe, we have to leave for home in 12 hours! Claire is sending us back because ‘One Direction is sick’” I said, holding my hands up as quotation marks.

“But Clair doesn’t have to! Please just listen to my plan Mia! Then I’ll tell you were I was last night!” She adds, raising her eyebrows.

I couldn’t help myself. I walked back and sat down on my bed next to her.

“This better be good!” I replied as Chloe started.

“Here’s the plan” she whispered as if in a movie.

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