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In short, I almost screamed. Avery cupped his hand over my mouth, and I nearly toppled over. He caught my back, and I scooched back to the wider part of the roof, where I could lay down as I grew paler. 

"Avery, you IDIOT!!" I boomed. "There must have been another -" 

"There wasn't, Peri. I tried! Hey, at least I know how to mark with limited pain - and with more sanity." Avery huffed and joined me. "Listen, when I find a way to take it off, I'll tell you, and -" Avery stopped talking as I sat up and held my head. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Dizzy." Leave me alone, you careless person. I Turned towards a corner. 

"Compensanda." (OOC: Latin for Be Stable)  I opened my eyes to a stable room and Avery's wand in the corner of my vision. 

"Condeludia." (word scrambled Latin for Hide It)  I muttered, staring at my left wrist, red with irritation and black with pure carelessness. The mark only faded to an accurate bruise, which I called "good enough". "We need to get Grace and Cory out."

"And now you can, see my point?" With a flick of his wand, Avery raised my wrist, and revealed the Mark. "You can get them out without having to hide!"

"And how can I -"

"You can." I exhaled sharply and turned towards the rafters. 

"Catch up." I placed one foot for good measure, then with a wink ran across.


"Peridot Kensington,"

"Just like her family, and -"

"Did you see her there?"

"Peridot Kensington!" I ignored all the voices as I walked past. A room, a cell block, anything! I kept dashing down the halls. 

"Grace and I are like twins," I heard. Was that Zav? The boy Grace was with? I approached the door with a sneaking suspicion that -

The door swang into my face as Grace and Zav were led out, a hood falling over my head. It was oversize, probably of Avery's. I tugged the hood just behind my hair line as Grace looked back. I waved to her...with my left hand. She went pale, and I gasped. 

No, no no no, I didn't mean that. I swore and walked back, tossing the hood to my back.

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