Chapter Ten

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Chapter Ten

“You want to draw something?” Damon asks, but he grabbed a paper and pencil for her before she gave an answer.

“Uhm… sure…” she said, staring blankly at the paper in front of her. “What should I draw?”

“A tree,” Damon says, continuing on his drawing. What is he even drawing? Elise wonders to herself. I think it has a face…

“A tree? Okay, I'll try I guess…” she says and starts. After an hour or so, Damon finishes his wonderful drawing, while Elise is still trying to draw her tree.

“Need some help?” Damon asks, standing with his arms crossed behind her.

“No, let me do this…” she says stubbornly.

Damon sighs. He sits down where he was sitting before and takes another piece of paper and starts drawing another picture. A half an hour later Damon is done with his second drawing. Elise only got done with the trunk and is having trouble with the rest of the tree.

“Now do you want help?” you won’t get much farther if I don’t. Damon says and thinks.

I may as well “Yes.” Elise responses.

Damon gets off the chair he was sitting on and goes behind her and puts his hands in front of her. He takes the pencil and shows her a few tricks to help her and then he lets her do it herself. When it is done it doesn’t look half bad. “You are a fast learner.” Damon says to Elise. And just like Ellie too. Damon mentally adds.

“Thanks.” Elise says embarrassed. She leans back against Damon and admires her work. Nice… this is my best tree ever. Elise rolls her eyes; that’s just sad…

“Want to continue drawing or do something else?” Damon asks, standing up fully.

Elise pauses to think. “Let’s do something else… my hand is starting to hurt a bit,” Damon smiles and takes her hand, leading her towards the entrance. “What’re we doing?”

“Remember a few days ago when I said you could decorate your rooms? Well, I just realized that we hadn’t done that yet.”

“So..?” Elise asked him. What’s his point?

“Well, we're going shopping. But… you need to promise not to run off. Okay?” Damon says, stopping and looking into Elise's eyes.

“Okay…” Elise says, unsure if she even would run away if she had the chance. I do miss my home, but… Damon is starting to become a part of my life…

Damon smiles at her answer and leads her to the back of the house. “You have cars!?” Elise exclaims. I've been here for close to a week and I didn’t know that he had not just a car, but many!?

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