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I woke up with a pounding head.

I felt cold and was shivering beneath the blankets of a large bed. Caleb's scent surrounded me and made me jitterier than before. I couldn't hear anyone in the room with me and relaxed a bit.

My fingers curled around the edges of the comforter and the aching in my fingertips made me quickly release me hold. I brushed my tender fingertips along my skin, wondering why they felt so raw and bruised. I shrugged it off for now. There were more prominent pains to take stock of.

My back felt like someone gave me a deep tissue massage with sandpaper. Not pleasant.

I pitter patter of nails skittering along the floor neared me and soon I was flat on my back with a panting, slobbering, yellow lab licking my face.

I couldn't bring myself to move.

All of my muscles were screaming in pain and all I could do was release pained gasps with every paw to my boob or diaphragm.

"Flapjacks, down," Gypsy ordered and I wondered when she had entered the room.

"Are you okay?" she asked gently and immediately my hackles rose. I attacked her brother, and she was wondering about my condition? "I brought you your eyes. They need to be cleaned but I thought it would be better if you did that."

I narrowed my hollow lids at her and set my mouth in a line. Was this how the pack handled its problems? Was this how they handled what happened to me? They ignored it? I attacked their future alpha and they ignore it?

"Why am I still here?" I asked plainly.

"What do you mean?"

"I attacked your brother," I spelled it out for her. There was no pack of wolves benevolent enough to let an enemy stay. They just didn't exist.

"What are you talking about?" she asked. She sounded genuine, like she really didn't know.

But how was that possible? Didn't someone tell her? Couldn't she tell when her own brother walks in injured?

I played it off anyway, "Maybe it was just a nightmare. Never mind."

I silence fell over us and Gypsy shifted to put my eyes on the table beside the bed.

"Are we on speaking terms now?" I asked.

"Has your opinion about my brother changed?" she asked.

In all honesty, it had. Just not for the better. Before he was tolerable and had potential, merely immature. Now he was delusional, easily manipulated and on my blacklist. Oh yes, my opinion of him changed.

Still, I twisted it to my benefit and answered simply with, "Yes."

The amount of times I was manipulating the truth and my responses was beginning to scare me. I was manipulating people for my own benefit, something Bella used to do, something she probably still did. The last thing I wanted to do was be like Bella, I would have to stop.

"Can I speak to him?" I asked and I heard Gypsy retreat without a verbal response.

I sighed and wasn't expecting Caleb's scent to waft in.

I hear the door click but he didn't come closer. Did I really look like I was capable of jumping him right now?

Then again, I probably never looked like that anyway.

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