My diary - 6

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the day became even more chaotic believe me.. just as we were about to get in I got a call from my 'dad'

me: hello?

dad: so you wanted me to pick up the rest of your stuff?

me: yeah are you bringing to blackpool now?

dad: yep!

wow that man was snappy today.

me: thanks dad!

dad: I need a word with you and Louis when I come, I'd also like to speak to Louis alone.

me: dad why.

I was worried.

dad: 4 words.

i was also confussed.

me: I love you.. a lot?

I laughed.

dad: I found your diary.


my dad Hung up and I burst out crying. I then ran off as Louis followed me almost Imediatly.

I ran to the beach and sat behind a wall.

"he found my diary.. Mr kyles" I cried to Louis.

"you never call him dad? I thought it was your real dad and he hadent actually died" he half smiled.

this made me cry even more.

"I want my dad.. my real dad! I just want one of his hugs. I remember when my mum and dad walking along this beach holding hands and I trailed behind letting them be all cute, they never really got on that well" I mumbled looking across the beach.

"Awh katie, you have me! I give great hugs!" Louis laughed as I playfully punched him in the arm. "so what's with this whole diary thing about"

then I just burst out crying again.

"it has everything in it. anything I've ever done with anyone. pretty much everything since my first 'kiss' with callum up to having.. Erm you know, with you" I cringed.

"like detailed?" he asked me.

"yeah" I bit my lip.

"I have to read this" Louis joked. "how many pages about that night"

"10-12 ish" I cringed again.

Louis just smiled.

"so.. why are you so upset about it? I don't understand? we were 17 its legal" Louis asked me.

"his wife was pregnant at 20 and giving birth she died then when his daughter was 17 she got pregnant and she died and the baby died too. he thinks that if I got pregnant I would.. die" I said looking at the ground. "he's really protective over me.

"thats awful! but I have no intention of getting you pregnant" Louis told me.

"neither did he with his wife or his daughters boyfriend with his daughter" I said looking at Louis.

"so what? he wants you to be a bloody vergin until you 30?" he snapped.

"pretty much" I groaned. "Lou, he wants to talk to you alone"

"oh, ok well should we go back to the tour bus to wait?" he asked.

"ok Lou" I said as we stud up and held hands then walked away.

the thing with me and Lou we we kissed all the time and held hands and other things but I don't think we would ever be more than what we are now.

I guess we were.

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