Tegan's P.O.V.

I woke up from a dream.. I vision.. Something. I woke up in Niall's lap.

WAIT.!!! I screamed. I was looking around franticly. I couldn't find him.. Where was he.!?

Where is Luke.?! I have to have Luke.!!!!???? I said.

Everyone except Matty Carson and Johnny had a confused look on their face.

Please tell me.. Please.. I know we had a falling out but I love him and need him. I said.

Is he your boyfriend..?? Niall asked.

Yeah is he your boyfriend.?! Harry asked. Kinda jealous kinda concerned look in his eyes. I could tell he regretted saying it.

Why do you fucking give a shit.? S'not like you give a shit anyways.. I said addressing to Harry. I barely could say that without breaking down. I really do love Harry..

Niall no he's not my boyfriend I don't have one.! I looked at Harry.

And I never will have another one. Because I'm to ugly to love. To fat. To weird. To.. To me. I said looking Harry straight in his eyes. I could see tears building up in his eyes but blinked them away.

But he's my brother.!!! He's just a year younger than me.. And we kinda got into a fight and now I don't know where he is. Matty I will fucking make Louis fart in your face if you don't tell me where he is. I said seriously.

He's... With Uncle Simon.. Matty said.

Uncle Simon.? Who is that.! We don't have an Uncle Simon.. Wait.. Simon Cowell.? I asked.

Yeah... Luke sings and he's just starting.. Johnny said.

Oh.. So he goes on and lives his life when I call him everyday crying about how I get bullied on voicemail. Perfect. Gosh.. I wish I could see him... I said. Go along carry on to what you all were doing.. Some breaking people's hearts.. I said.

I went back to sleep and had a weird dream. At least I think it was a dream. Or a flashback..

Luke.. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to.! I said. Little 5 year old me. With a broken toy in my hands.

Tegan.!! That was my favorite.!! He said. Tears running down his face. I felt so bad. I had to do something.

Luke I'm SOO sorry.. I said and handed him the parts and ran off.

I went to my room and grabbed my piggy back. My dad had gave my 10 pounds. So I went down the road to the nearest store with toys.

Uhm.. Mam' do you have any toy planes.? I asked politely.

Sure sweetie come with me. She took me to the back and showed me all the planes. One caught my eye. I knew he would love it. It was the biggest. But it was 20 pounds and I only had 10..

Oh.. I'm sorry I only have 10 pounds.. I said.

I broke my brothers favorite plane and was gonna buy him another with all my own money.. I said. Looking down at my shoes.

Sweetie.. You can have it for free okay.? She said.

Oh thank you SOO much Mam'.!! I said and politely.

Your welcome sweetie. She said as I ranbout the door to my house.

I ran in and ran to Luke.

Luke Luke.!!! Look what I got you.!!! I said.

What did you get me.? He asked coming into my room.

I got you a new plane.!!! I said and handed him his plane.

Thank you SOO much Tegan.!!! Promise we will always be bestfriends.?! He said.

Pinky Promise.!! I said and stuck out my pinky. We entwined our pinkies and played with his new plane.

I woke up and I knew only one person could help me sleep without any problems in the world. Styles. Harry Styles.

I got up a scooted over to Harry he was asleep. Everyone was.

Harry.. I whispered. Harry please wake up..

Tegan..? He said.

Tegan..? Are you okay..? He whispered.

No.. I can't go to sleep without nightmares.. Can I lay with you.? I asked. Hoping he'd say yess...

Yeah come here baby.. He said.

I mean Tegan.. He said blushing.

I layed with him. Soon his arms went around my waist.

Tegan.. The only reason I broke up with you cause I thought you liked Niall more than me.. He said.

I gasped.

No no Harry.. I love you.. Just you.. I said.

Tegan.. Will you give me one more chance.? He asked..

I was hoping he'd say that but now that he said it.. I don't know what to say... I went with the first thing that popped in my head.

Yess. I said. And went to sleep.

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