Chapter Nine

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Chapter Nine

Damon wakes up first. He glances at the clock to see that it is almost ten o’clock am before he watches Elise. She always looks so peaceful when she sleeps, he thinks as he watches her. She doesn’t wake up for another half an hour, and when she does, she just lays on Damon.

“Morning,” Damon whispers.

“Morning…” Elise whispers back, stretching her arms and legs. Then she rolls off Damon and lays on the floor. “What time is it?”

“10:30,” Damon says, chuckling when Elise groans.

“I keep sleeping in late!” Elise exclaims, slowly standing up, she straightens her shirt and stretches again, this time yawning also. Damon chuckles again. Elise gets up from the floor and looks at Damon.

“Huh?” Damon asks while she stares at him. Elise gives him the time-to-get-up-and-make-me- some-breakfast face. Damon moans then gets up from the couch and goes in to the kitchen to make breakfast. When they get done with breakfast Elise heads to her room to get dressed. When she looks into her room she saw Stefan sitting on her bed. Elise ran as fast as she could to Damon's room but halfway there Stefan flashes in front of her. She started to back up but then she hit something, she turns around and finds Damon behind her.

He pushes her behind him. “Stay here.” Damon commands not taking his eyes off of Stefan. Elise sees Stefan disappear and appear behind her. Damon looks confused until he hears Elise squeal. “Stefan! Let her go!” Damon yells, spinning around to see Stefan holding Elise at the end of the hallway.

“I want her, now!” Stefan snarls, holding Elise’s elbow at an excruciating angle.

“Stefan, please,” Damon begs with a pained expression. Stefan growls and begins to bend Elise's arm even further, making her scream. “Stefan! Fine! I'll give her to you, just please, please stop hurting Elise!” Damon says, and Stefan holds onto Elise more loosely.

“Brother, you are trying my patience. Give her to me. Now!” Stefan roars, making Damon flash out of the room.

“S-Stefan?” Elise asks feebly.

“Yes Princess?” Stefan coos, so different from two seconds ago.

“U-Uhm… who is ‘she’?” Elise asks, not wanting to make him mad, but still curious.

“She? You'll see…” Stefan says then chuckles darkly. These brothers may be complete opposites, but they do like dodging questions by saying, ‘you'll see’…

Soon Damon returns with a large cloth sack. He gently sets it down, then backs up a few feet. “There. You can have her. Now give me Elise.” Damon says, holding his hands up.

“Fine.” Stefan says while roughly pushing Elise who is shaking violently.

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