66. Permission to Engage

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Pic above: Tommy

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Pic above: Tommy

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Chapter dedicated to Michellemicx. Thanks for the awesome support, love!! It really does help to know how much some readers have my back.

Chapter 66--Permission to Engage


With his attention razor-fixed in front of him, Samuel drove like a bat out of hell, careening the large SUV through darkened streets, around corners and barely stopping for street signs. I resisted looking at my watch for the hundredth time. We'd already been on the road for thirty minutes headed toward the first location, the residence of Cameron Martin, owner of the license plate. The initial directions had given an approximate travel time of one hour; however, at the rate we were going, we'd be there in less than ten minutes.

Silence reigned heavy in the vehicle, a palpable weight of tension, everyone deep in thought, adrenaline-riddled bodies tensed for the inevitable fight ahead. The knot of dread in my stomach churned. Not only did I fear for Hycinth's life and well-being but there was no shadow of a doubt in my mind that whatever came next wouldn't be pretty.  Not every Wolf would make it out alive. It was always that way with war.

Staring out the window, I found myself absentmindedly fingering the locket hanging from the delicate gold necklace around my neck, an unconscious desire to touch and be near the only small token I had of my lost mate, Madison. Events had happened so quickly over the last few days that I hadn't even had time to process her loss, let alone begun to grieve. But I couldn't let my mind go there. Not now. Not if I wanted to remain sane. Hycinth needed me and I would do whatever it took to get her and the tiny pup in her belly back in one piece.

"We should be there in another five minutes," Sydney broke the silence, her normally melodic voice radiated hard with fierce determination.

I looked up to find her staring over her shoulder at me from the front passenger seat. Her intense gaze fixed on my thumb that was slowly brushing the front side of the locket. Releasing the precious gift she'd given me, I placed my hands in my lap. I wasn't embarrassed she'd caught my sorrow, I just didn't want to go there right now, even with her. But my words were not necessary. From the spark of infinite sadness that flickered in her eyes, Sydney understood exactly how I felt and what I needed and she said nothing about my actions. Instead, she inhaled slowly and let the breath out. "Remember, if Hycinth is there, we don't engage unless we have to."

"Got it," Samuel gritted out from the driver's seat.

I nodded my agreement. We were down to five warrior wolves, myself and Sydney, and the three bikers. Not great odds against whatever force Dagger had amassed, and I had no desire to further risk Hycinth's safety by going into battle without Leander and his team of wolves unless we absolutely had to.

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