“I love this country!” I scream at the top of my voice. We’d only just entered the lobby area and I had already been offered a glass of complementary champagne.

"Same!" Niall says beside me, then he wraps an arm around my shoulder and my body betrays me as butterflies erupt within my tummy, and my cheeks begin to blush at the contact. 

The group of 8 walks towards the reception and Liam begins to grab booking confirmations as he was the one to book the holiday, and myself and Niall hang around the back of the group, sipping on champagne. 

The woman smiles and takes looks at all of us in turn. The five boys of One Direction, and the girlfriends, and me. Boy, did I suddenly feel out of the loop once again.

I felt out of the loop once more as I unpacked my things in my empty hotel room for one. I thought I would've been sharing a room with Danielle, but of course, she chose her boyfriend over me, and Eleanor also shared a room with her boyfriend, whilst the rest of the boys had rooms to themselves like me. But I still felt like I was on the outside, I'd sit in their conversations at dinner that night, and they'd all be talking and I felt like I was watching from the outside, not fully included, and even Danielle didn't bother to try and make me feel included. 

"I say we turn off our phones for the week." Liam suggests at dinner. "I mean we don't need to tweet whilst on holiday, and the girls certainly don't need to be going onto Twitter and seeing the hate-"

I think that's a reason why I couldn't handle the pressure of being a public friend to One Direction, the fame and hate just for being a girl who enjoyed the company of five boys? I didn't need that. I certainly don't need to get ridiculed for drinking too much coffee from Starbucks, or wearing too much make-up, or putting on a little weight. 

That's why I don't understand why Dani continues to have a Twitter and Instagram, she gets tons of hate and she's not immune to her insecurities or feelings. She cracks sometimes when reading it, so why not just ignore it all completely? That's what I'd do. 

But somtimes, isn't Max just as bad? I love him, I really love him. But he can say hurtful things too, and it's much more believable when it comes from someone who you know and trust. But that's just because he gets insecure, sometimes he gets jealous if I text Danielle too much when he's around. His jealousy was the reason why I wasn't friends with One Direction as much as I was, and of course, they also loved to make him feel jealous too. 

The Lads Mistake #2- Video Diaries Confession.

“Which female from the competition do you fancy?” Was the question. Liam, Niall and Zayn all answered and Louis said,

“I-I don’t want to say mine yet.” He says, and looks to Harry.

“I’d say Mary.” He says with a large smirk on his face. Louis’ mouth drops and pretends to act casual,

“Mary? You and Mary?”

“Yeah, we’ve got that thing going on.” Harry states, I was laughing next to Max as I watched them. These video diaries were always funny. 

“SHE’S MINE!” He screeches and I’m laughing on the bed yet again.

“Babe, do you have to watch this?” Max asks, glaring at the boys on the screen.

“Oh come on, it’s almost over.” I say quickly. The boys were laughing

“We love everyone at X Factor. Especially the dancers.” Zayn says with a wink.

“Zayn’s got his eye on a dancer.” Louis says, taking a bite out of the apple.

I let out another chuckle, taking my phone, about to text Zayn to see which dancer he’s got his eye on, when the laptop lid is smashed down, and the boys’ laughter still playing.

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