Beautiful Clouds Are Always White: Kaishi

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I finally finished my chores!! Wooo!!

"Bye Mother! I'll be at the park!!"

 I rushed out there, happy to be free of all my chores!! I was only 5 and my attention was focused on playing, although I don't get much time to play being in the one of the most powerful ninja families in the fire country! I skipped down the street toward the park, saying hi to everybody I passed. My long chocolate curls bounced up and down as I neared the park. I saw a young boy sitting at one of the swings, all alone. His pose told me was not feeling happy. Maybe he was angry? Sad? I knew I had to cheer him up, so being the social butterfly I am, I made my way over to the figure on the swings.


He didn't answer, he didn't even glance up. Maybe he didn't hear me, so I got closer until I was face to face distance.

"Hello!! Whats wrong?!!"

This time the boy did look up but he seemed angry, "Little kid leave me alone!!"

I frowned, I was just trying to be nice!! Now I was angry! "Well boy, first I am not little!! I am 5 Years Old!! And second, I was trying to be nice and ask you whats wrong. I don't like when people are sad, it makes me sad!"

I began to sniffle, this boy was super confusing...and mean! My head was down and I started to turn to leave when he stopped me. I got a good look at his face too. He had pretty black eyes and jet black hair that was pulled into a mini pony. His skin was slightly tanned and he had two distinct lines starting at his eyes and going down to his nose. I blushed slightly because he was kinda cute, even if he had cooties.

"I'm sorry girl. I am just angry and nobody can understand."

I shrugged, 'I might. Just tell me whats wrong." He leaned back and closed his eyes before answering,

"My baby brother just returned from the hospital. He was born a couple days ago."

I lit up, I love babies! They are soo cute, but why would he be angry? "Why are you upset over a cute, little baby?"

He gave me a glare, "Because I don't want a little brother!! Hes loud and he stinks and hes ugly and annoying!! I told you! You don't understand!" I raised my eyebrows. Did he just yell at me?

"Okay first, don't yell at me. I'm a little girl, that's just mean. And second I CAN understand. I have a little brother, and hes worse than yours!!"

He hopped off the swing and stood right in front of me, "Oh really? How?" I kept my eyes down, Its embarrassing talking about it.

"He can't walk."

The boy pulled my chin up, 'What do you mean?" Now It was my turn to sit on the swing.

"Well when he was born the doctors told us he would never be able to walk unless he had a very expensive surgery. We could not afford it so they told us to help him grow up as normal as possible. Hes about three now so he should be walking, but hes not. I feel so sorry for my little bother! My father treats him like a dog!!" Tears started to come down, "But I still try to be the best-est Big sister he ever had! Cuz I know it wont only be dad being mean, but everybody else!!" I jumped down and got in his face, "So don't ever hate your brother! Be a protector! Feel lucky that your brother dosn't have to go through what mine dose!" We were silent for a while.

"What is your brother's name?" I looked over at the boy who was now sitting on the ground, with his head down playing in the dirt.

"Kubo, Kubo Fuga. Whats yours?" he looked up and his eyes were shining,

"Sasuke, Sasuke Uchiha."

We were silent once more until I was dying on the inside because there was no conversation, "What is your name?" The nameless boy stood up and dusted off his pants,

"Itachi Uchiha. Yours?" I jumped up and pushed out my chest with pride.

"Ichia Fuga!" He nodded. Suddenly he pulled me into a hug, "Thank You Ichia." I could only nod. He pulled away, waved, and went off into the sunset, leaving me wondering what to do................


Here is the story I've been waiting to publish!!! This whole account I've made for this, but I wont upload often until Taken is done.


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