Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven

When she woke up she was still on the couch and Damon was nowhere in sight. She got up and wandered around the house to find him. Elise couldn’t find Damon anywhere she looked in the house. There was no note or anything saying where he is. She found the stairs that she wasn’t supposed to go up and heard feet up there walking around and things moving.

“Damon!” Elise yelled up the stairs. There was no answer so she slowly went up the stairs to see what was going on anyway Damon will probably stop her so she has a good chance of finding him. She got to the top of the stairs and found piles of stuff everywhere. “Damon.” She called again. This time Damon comes and saw her upstairs.

“What are you doing up here.” He asked, dangerously calm. He leaned against the stairway, waiting for an answer.

“I-I was just looking for you,” she said, feeling nervous. “I know you told me not to go up here, but I was worried because you weren’t downstairs and then I heard footsteps coming from up here and so I came up and- and- and- well here you are,” she explained herself in one big breath.

“You heard footsteps? Up here? When?” he asked. Seems like he forgives me… Elise thought, feeling relief but also worry because of the tone of his voice.

“Yea, a few minutes ago… why?” she asked him, then froze. Damon had come up the stairs after her. Does this mean someone else was in the house?

Damon didn’t say anything, he just held a finger to his lips telling her to be quiet, and then he cautiously walked around the upstairs. Elise stayed where she was, not sure if she was allowed to go any further, when she heard Damon whisper, “E, follow me,”

She kept her comment about ‘E’ silent, not wanting to get in trouble, and followed him. They looked quietly for about a half-hour before heading downstairs. “Whoever it was must have got scared away by hearing you call my name.” Damon assured her “I’ll keep an eye out just in case.” He adds.

“Let’s go for a walk in the woods to get our minds off of things for a little bit.” Damon suggested.

“Okay.” Elise agreed. As they passed through the kitchen Damon found a note on the fridge it read:

Dear Damon,

 I stopped by to pick up some things I hope I didn’t scare anybody


“Well now we know who went up there; Stefan.” Damon said walking out of the house with Elise by him. They walked in the woods for a very long time. By the time they got back the sun was going down.  “Want something to eat Elise?” Damon asked.

“No I’m not hungry.” Elise said shaking her head. Stefan is real too? That shouldn’t surprise me though… if Damon is real, then Stefan would be too. What about Elena? And Matt? And everyone else?

Elise stood in the entry way for a bit before deciding to try and get some sleep. Stefan is the good vampire. I know that. So why do I feel so unsafe knowing he can get into this house at any time? She was thinking as she made her way upstairs. “I'm tired, I think I'll get some sleep… night,”

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