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AN: I'm so sorry the main characters name is so cheesy. This story is never going to be updated unless I can find the motivation to re-do it to the point that it's remotely readable. In other words, it's only on here because I'm against deleting it.

In this World, I am the lone survivor. In a World where time has stopped. There is no beginning, and no end. I never grow, and never die. I don't even know how I got here.

I stand here alone, as fate intends me to. I just wonder if there's a better World. A World that's not endless. A World that's not just me.

This is time itself. An endless pit of nothing. Silence and despair. No wonder nobody else survived.

I have no company and I've never even heard another human breathe. My hopes are limited. This World is an empty plain, with only the endless winter as an acquaintance.

I am forever. I am never. I am Hikari Kira.

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