Chapter Three

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Otay. Hey im baaack. I guess.....


The bullet slammed into the metal that the boy, Paèton, held in his hands. He threw the tray to the side and shut the door.

" I need everyone to go up stairs, now!!" He shouted over the hysterical cries of the girls and the multiple swears from the boys. For a moment nobody even ecknowledged his presence.

"Silence!" The power in his voice even left me stunned. Everyone was silent as if they were put on mute. "EVERYONE UPSTAIRS NOW!"

And every body was gone in under 7 minutes.

Besides me.

"Why are you still down here? It's dangerous!" He exclaimed turning to me. I thought he was blind? I moved to the side and he followed. His whole body turned. His black holes were empty of any emotion and they didnt move. What was happening? Could he see me? How was he able to watch... follow me around the room.

"I want to help you. And are you sure that you are blind?" I blurted. I expected him to get angry like any other blind person would, yet he smirked and shook his head.

"Fine miss brave, follow me." He walked straight to the door and flung it open. An array of bullets sprayed in. And he stood there. Could he not see.... could he not hear them?

As quick as lightening the door was ripped from its hinges and placed as a barrier. You would think at first glance it was a wooden door. But behind the tattered paint was bullet proof steel.

The door itself wieghed a good 800. And yet he picked it up with so much ease and eleagence it was hard not to stare. I felt my inner self begging to my other self to just watch him... to see him...

His muscles were like mountains under his monster sweater, once again at a first glance he looked like a nerdy weakling. He was tall and nerdy looking in that scary all black wearing way. And yet the hidden muscles bulged out of nowhere. Man i wonder if he's sporting at least a six pack.

"I'm going to count to three. Any of you still here firing bullets i will kill you slowly and painfully." His voice was slow and steady. But barley audible. I would have thought nobody heard until the bullets fell into silence.

What in the hell?!

He barley spoke above a whisper with constant bullets being fired!

How could anybody hear him? He moved the door to the side and tilted his head.

"You." He pointed outside. An eyebrow raised still barley speaking above a whisper. "Try me."

With that said another bullet was fired. The sound was loud compared to the silence the boy created.

Paètons face was blank as if he were having a conversation in his head.

"Thank you father." He mummered and joined earth again. A distant memory hit me hard.

He was eight and i was seven. He was sitting at a bench table while everybody else went to play at the park. The boys' orphanage and the girls' orphanage all went out for a day at the park.

He looked deep in thought.

"Okay father someone's coming." He whispered. Then looked down at thr table joining earth again.

I skipped over to him and he tilted his head then turned to place all black eyes on me. I found myself smiling. It was like those eyes could see everything... but nothing.

I sat across from him and folded my arms on the table,resting my chin on my linked hands.

"You're glowing." He whispered reaching his hand out and tracing it around my face. I held in a breath closing my eyes. I knew then that this kid was special. But how? I dont have a clue.

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