"Oh my God, shut the hell up!" I screamed as I slammed my fist on my alarm clock.

I struggled to get out of bed considering how tired I was from last night. Luke would just not hang up the damn phone. He went on and on about some girl named Lisa that he met. I am happy and all that he finally likes a girl more than just a quick fuck in the closet, but I didn't need to hear everything about her.

I stumbled into the bathroom still half asleep and proceeded to get ready which included getting a shower and throwing clothes on. I really don't care about my hair and makeup just doesn't work when you have awkwardly placed freckles like I do. I surveyed myself in the mirror and was relieved to see that even though it comes down to my waist my red curly hair only needed a few strokes with a comb and I was good.

Eating breakfast as quickly as possible so I wouldn't miss my ride (though I doubt Luke would leave without me.) I ran out the door before my parents even woke up.

Outside I see Luke and his fancy car pull up and I hop on in.

"How are you doing, Kemp?"

"It's a Monday in my junior year at Bevington High. What do you think?"

"Now that's the spirit!"

The short ride was basically filled with nonsense chatter about our teachers and classmates. Though Luke seemed to think I was ill just because I was tired a lot and I seem to be losing more weight than usual. I told him that this is normal for a teenager but he just doesn't want to believe me.

We pull into the school parking lot and as soon as he steps out of the car Luke is immediately bombarded by swooning girls. How much more pathetic can you get? He grabs one girl out of the crowd, starts flirting with her and then kisses her fully on the mouth. Hopefully Lisa doesn't see this or else he will ruin any chance he might of had with her.

After much pushing and tripping I am finally out of the way of most of the girls. Though there is one girl who hung back and waited  there and she seemed to be waiting for me. Alexa Buritch. She is Leo's current girlfriend and she thinks this makes her queen of the world. I told Luke countless times that she is so mean that even part of the word bitch is in her name. He doesn't think that's it but I am certain that God gave me this little gift to enjoy for the time being.

"Hey Kemper."

I don't respond. Isn't that what they say, if you ignore them they will go away?

"What are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be with Luke's fan club over there? Desperate to get his attention."

"Luke and I are just friends, just best friends and nothing else." I blurt out, unable to restrain myself.

She left out a small giggle that was obviously there to annoy the hell out of me.

"Friends with benefits is more like it? Gosh Kemper I didn't know you were such a whore. Though I can't imagine a guy who would sink so low that he would get with somebody like you. I mean just look at you. Chicken legs and twig arms and flat chested as a piece of paper. It's a shame really, you could have been.....decent."

She lets out a full out cackle and struts away in her six inch heels. Bitch.

Using my adapt skills at maneuvering around people I made it to my locker and first period in record time. I didn't run into Alexa or Leo and I consider that a good morning. My first class I had was Honors English with Mr. Miller, my favorite teacher I had so far. Sadly this class is ruined by the fact it had Leo and his best friend John. Unfortunately they have the looks and the brains so I end up sharing most of my classes with them.

"Alright everybody shut up and sit down."

I didn't say he was a nice teacher.

"Today we will being working with partners on a project that you get to decide. Now I have the topics in a hat and when your name is read aloud along with your partners, you can come up and pick your topic. No trading, whining, or crying about your subject."

I groaned internally at this. There is nobody in this class that I would want to be partners with. Well except maybe Emilia. She's cool and everything and has even stood up for me on more than one occasion. Sometimes when Luke is busy she even sits at my table for lunch. Though she is eccentric and sometimes hard to keep up with. The funny thing about Emilia is she is always finding things to rebel against.

Like this one time she deemed that shoes were unnessacery and shouldn't be worn by the general public. So she came into school the next day with no shoes on, just her bare feet.

The people in my school usually try to bully anyone who has shown an interest in me, in an effort to make me miserable. But somehow they just can't convince Emilia. That may be because she is about as stubborn as a rock.

"Leah and Diane you two are partners. Hurry and get up here."

Both girls rushed up and pulled their piece of paper out of the hat.

"Parental influence over teen alcohol and drug use. Oh this should be an eye opener." Mr. Miller said with a stern look at Leah who blushed bright red.

Leah was a known party girl and was almost always drunk at some popular guy's party.

"Michael and Sarah you two up here now. And your topic is teen bullying and suicide."

Thank god I didn't get that one, that would make things extremely awkward between me and whoever my partner is.

"Kemper and John, get up here."

Oh hell no. It's pretty self-explanatory that since he is Leo's best friend that he is my number two tormentor. I think that the universe just  hates me.

"Oh nope my mistake I mean Kemper and Leo."

What. The. Fuck.

I am screwed, totally utterly screwed.

I walked slowly up to the front of the classroom to see that Leo already picked a topic.

"Moderate to severe cancer in teens. Hmmm you guys get a interesting one here. You will have to look up symptoms for main types of cancer and look up how to treat it. I expect a good report on this, especially since your working on it Ms. O'Malley."

"Y-y-yes sir I-I won't let you down."

I trudged slowly to my seat and a voice whispered in my ear "Kiss ass."

I ignored it and settled into my desk when I see Emilia looking at me with a pitying look on her face. Well I'm going to need all the pity I can get to survive this one.

I make it through the rest of the day without any incident at all with Alexa, John, or Leo. I find that a little odd but hey I'm not complaining. After the bells rings signalling the end of the day I head to my locker, anxious to get home.

Before I could dial in my combination I feel somebody take my should and flip me around so my back  is against the metal door. The person puts their arms right next my head so I am trapped in. They move closer so my face is directly in line with his chest. Now I am sure it's a guy. I look up to see Leo's smirking face staring down at me.

Sorry if this is too short, I plan to update faster than this though. 

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