Chapter Six

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Chapter Six

After an hour or so Elise gets up from her nap and opens her door to find black roses by her door. Must be from Damon. These grew by my home…home I wish I could go home. Elise thinks after studying the flowers but the flowers remind her of home so much that tears start coming down her face. Pick up the act Elise you don’t need Damon seeing you like this again. You don’t want to go through all that again do you Elise. She thought while wiping her tears off her face and heading down the hall to look for Damon.  She finds Damon in the kitchen making something. “Hello sleeping beauty.” Damon says turning towards her.

“Hi and thanks for the roses.” Elise says holding up the roses and smiling at him.

“I knew they were your favourite, it’s no problem,” Damon says smiling then turning back towards the food. He was making one of Elise's childhood favourites; mac n’ cheese with extra cheese. He tells her to take a seat, and then he watches in satisfaction when her eyes light up in delight as her favourite food is set down in front of her.

She takes a large bite then exclaims, “I haven’t had this in years!” Damon chuckles and tries some himself. Since he is a vampire, he doesn’t need food, but some human food does taste good to him.

“Hmm… I can see why you like this,” Damon says, stealing some more from her bowl.

“Paws off!” Elise says jokingly and shovels more down her throat. In less than five minutes the bowl is empty, and Elise just sits there, staring sadly at the bowl.

“Do you want some more?” Elise squeals and jumps a bit in her chair. “I'll take that as a yes…” so he makes another bowlful and Elise eats it- slower this time, though. Then Damon gets them both a glass of Black Magic, and they sip on that. At least she is happier than before. Damon thinks happily.

After she gets done eating she goes outside and lays in the grass and looks at the sky and watch the clouds go by. Damon leans back on a post that holds up the roof on the porch and watches her for a little bit before joining Elise in the grass. After a little bit of looking at the clouds Elise tugs gently on the hem of Damon’s shirt. “Huh?” Damon asks. 

“Doesn’t that cloud look like a bunny Damon?” Elise responds while pointing to a cloud.

“Yes I suppose it does.” Damon responds to the question.

Shortly after Damon responded Elise puts her head on Damon’s chest. Maybe he isn’t so bad after all…

Elise soon falls asleep on Damon’s chest; and Damon stays outside until the sun goes down, just enjoying the fresh air and Elise's alluring smell. Then he decides that Elise should probably sleep in an actual bed- being half on him and half on the ground couldn’t be all too comfortable. So, he carries her to her room, careful not to wake her.

Damon gently lays Elise down on her bed, and then he covers her up with the duvet and he takes a seat on her new rocking chair and just watches her sleep. She looks so peaceful…

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