Chapter 2

It took me about an hour to get to the bride's house because we do live so far away from the palace. I rang their doorbell and looked at the house. It was probably four stories, as most aristocrat houses are in Asgard. The steps that go up to the door were made of a special rare metal and their garden was really big, it wrapped around the whole house.

Someone then answered the door. "Hello, you must be Camden." she said politely. That was weird, usually people aren't this friendly up here. "Um, yes. This is the Menson's house right?" I asked. "Why yes we are. Come in! My daughter is having the maids get her ready. She'll be down in a bit. Would you like anything? A drink?" "No thank you." "Ok well let me at least show you around." "Alright"

She showed me the dinning hall, kitchen, and her huge backyard. Then I had to stop her. "Excuse me, Mrs. Menson?" "Yes?" "Um not to be rude but most of my clients rarely talk to me and if they do they're not very pleased about it." She smiled. "Well the thing is I think the whole prejudice thing toward rich and poor people is just silly, come inside and I'll explain." I was puzzled. 

We sat down on the couch while she explained it. "Remember hundreds of years ago when the Frostgiants were threatening Earth and Odin formed an army to fight them?" She started. "Yes" I didn't understand what this had to do with wealth but I kept listening. "Well no one would join at first so Odin had to bump up the payment, so he promised wealth and power. But more people returned than expected. So he had tp take away some wealth and power from people. He took away power and money from people who didn't fight for Asgard and replaced them with the people who fought and survived. I don't really think was very wise and if the other people found out about this then there would be a huge rebellion. So you have to promise not to tell anyone, not even your family." It hit me in the gut. I was dumbfounded by this new information. 

"Hello? Camden? Are you alright?" I wasn't just shocked, I was furious! "What about the rich people that fought in the war. Did they keep their wealth?" I asked "No," She answered. "They didn't need to fight because they were already as busy as it was." 

I was just about to say something then someone came down the grand staircase. "Oh! There's my daughter. Hello, Belle. Ready?" She asked her daughter. "Yes, of course, mother."

"Honey this is Camden, the seamstress that made your dress. Camden, this is my daughter Carminebelle. Ok shall we get started?" "Yes, Carminebelle would you stand right there in the middle of the sitting room?"

I started to make adjustments to the dress. But the whole time I was thinking of how our family used to be rich! Then King Odin took all of that away! It only took about 20 minutes to finish the adjustments. "Well good luck on your wedding, Carminebelle. Thank you so much for showing me your house earlier, Mrs. Menson." I told them. "No, problem," she said, "and please, call me Adena. Here you go." She gave me money for the dress but there was a problem. "Um, this is way too much, it was only 500 you payed 2,000." I said. "I know, now go. Get your fortune back." She winked. I was so surprised! "Thank you, thank you so much."

I ran out and out the money in my satchel so no one would she the money because people around here might think i stole it. I got on my horse and told it, "Well that's done, now let's make a visit to my Uncle Marques."

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