1 Week

1 Month

2 months

3 weeks

It has been exactly 2 months and 3 weeks since Ally went into a coma. The doctors say her chances of waking up are slimming by the day. Harry left last week, leaving me alone her parents only stay for like 2hours a day i stay from the time  I wake up until friend visiting hours are over. So if i average i spend like 10 to 12 hours in the hospital. When I'm not in the hospital I'm either out eating real food skyping Harry sleeping or praying. I go to church every Sunday and i pray for Ally.

"Keri?" saysAlly's mom 'yes?' i say still holding my friends hand. It's weird you can see her hair growing and her look a little older but she hasn't moved or woken up yet. "next week we are pulling the plug" my eyes go wide "what!?" i yell "the doctors say she is lucky to even make another week' she says through tears i hug her like she is my mother well basically she is. I call Harry when they eave the room.

Harry POV

"Pick up your phone" my very stupid ring tone goes off i pick it up when i see it's Keri "Hazza you and the boy's need to fly over their pulling the plug next week." she hangs up I'm taking deep breathes forcing back my tears. i grab the boy's telling them the news Zayn looks the saddest of the boys he has a huge crush on her ever since the carnival.

We pack up clothes and take our private jet. crying over Ally has ruined us all, Keri is a nervous wreck she is a time bomb she is just going to explode any minute zayn isn't any better though and to be honest neither am i.

We walk into the hospital room Keri is asleep on the orange plastic chair. i walk up to her tapping her shoulder she shoots up and hugs me 'I'm taking you home bebz' i say she doesn't argue she lets me pick her up and take her too my car. we arrive at her house where she collapses inside my arms. i start to panic not knowing what to do she grabs my shirt sobbing i pick her up she is so fragile she is so weak she sobs into my chest "Why Harry? why what did i ever do to deserve this?' she asks "my mother dies so does my boyfriend my best Friend forgets me and my best friend goes into a coma!" i bring her closer 'i know its all going to be okay" she breaks free of me holding her standing up straight i try to console her "OKAY OKAY!! ITS NOT GOING TO BE OKAY HARRY!"  she shouts "THEIR PULLING THE PLUG NEXT WEEK!" she sniffles tears still flowing 'i know calm down' i say but she just keeps crying "My mom is dead my boyfriend is dead and now my best friend" she falls to the ground crying hysterically "i hate my life harry' she sniffles i lift up her chin and do the only thing i can do.......I kiss her.

Keri POV

He picks up my chin and kisses me.  I don't pull away. when he breaks away i stare into his green eyes their shimmering 'everything thing" he pause to exhale quietly "will be okay.' And for the first time in my life i actually believed it when some one said everything will be okay. he picks me up and carrys me up to my room and tucks me in bed 'Now, get some rest." he says he kicks off his shoes and cuddles in next to me he puts a arm around me pulling me close. And just like old times we fall asleep.


I had only met Ally twice, once at the signing and once at  the carnival. She sat next to me in the Ferris wheel she kept giggling about something when i asked what she had simply responded "well your my favorite of one direction and two you are so hot i really like you" and now here i am in her hospital room praying she wakes up so i could hear her voice see her beautiful eyes just see her move...... she doesn't though. i finally sit next to her taking her hand 'Ally if you can hear me please try to move."


"Ally if you can hear me please try to move." his sweet voice fills my ears. i try to move my arm my finger my mouth open my eyes but it's useless 'listen' he says 'maybe you can hear me but cant move' he begins "or maybe I'm just talking to thin air, but Ally i love you i've always had a major crush on you and please if you wake up i would be so happy.'

Zayn Malik likes me. i try to move do anything but i cant. 'please Ally' he says i can hear the tears start to form 'they are pulling the plug in a week please love wake up." They are pulling the plug in a week killing me in a week i need to move open my eyes anything but i cant. He sighs i can feel him let go of my hand and walk somewhere i hear a bang of his fist's hitting the wall "wake up Ally' he says.


I wake up i can feel dry tears on my face i look to my side to See Harry. His eyes are red and puffy, and he has tears on his cheeks i get up out of bed. walking into the bathroom i take a shower.

I wrap my body in my towel i grab my black wash jeans and my grey sweatshirt with red words saying 1D on it yeah I'm a directioner sue me! i blow dry my hair and then comb it i don't wear any makeup but a lit concealer to cover up the redness and bags on my eyes. I put on my socks and actually go out on a jog.   clearing my head if everything I close my eyes picturing Ally and I sitting on the lake laughing. i collide with a big body sending me plummeting onto the cold rain covered side walk 'hey watch where you-Keri' the sly voice says gulp, i know that voice any where. It belongs to Allen smith AKA Allys abusive ex boyfriend. He beat Ally all the time for fun we thought we had lost him after we got a restraining order he helps me up pulling my close to his chest our nose's touching "you look amazing' he says i pull away but he grabs my arm "tell Ally i miss her and Zayn to back off" he whispers i break free and run home never looking back.


The front door slams shut making me shoot out of bed i hear someone call someone on the phone. "Hi Judge Martha, he's back.." who's back who is he. 'Ally's ex is back i was jogging and i banged into him and he pulled me close saying i look beautiful and then when i tried to run away he grabbed my wrist saying he missed Ally" chatter on the other end of the line "no.. Ally is is a coma." she stammers 'i will call you if he comes back." she hangs up an throws the phone. I rush downstairs expecting tears and a messy Keri. But her hair is washed she is changed and no tears are flowing no sadness is on her face only frustration. "I heard what happened" i say "Allen was abusive towards Ally, one night she showed up at my house with a black eye broken nose everything under the sun was broken bruised. she broke up with him but he found her and so we got a restraining order against him." i get choked picturing Ally bruised battered crying. i close my eyes Keri hugs me this time.

We spend the rest of the day watching Disney movies until around 12am when my phone rings. "come to the hospital now!" stammers Louis 'why is it Ally?" i ask hopefully "no,its Zayn he he was shot mate."


I walked slowly out of the hospital after nurse Kelly saying i had to leave.  i walked to where my car was parked around the block the avoid fans crowding the hospital, which was very smart of me considering there where fans in search of my car. i Unlocked the door when something hit my right side of my back. "arrgghh" i said as i dropped the keys and fell onto the ground, everything was slipping away when i could make out Louis 'Zayn can you hear me/' he asks but everything went black.


Okay most comments say so sad exactley something good always comes out of something bad jsut wait trust me it will get happier!!

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