Elizabeth P.O.V

I stared at him with wide eyes, blinking twice to see if my eyes were'nt playing tricks on me! Could it be possible?! I blinked again....Ashton was here! He was standing right in front of me!

 "Ash-hton" I said surprised.

 He smiled at me and I had a perfectly clear view of his fangs. My heart started to beat faster as I remembered Jace's words back at the forest.

 Ashton wanted to kill me! He wanted to suck my blood.

 Tears welled in my eyes as I looked at him. He was beautiful, his skin was so perfect, his dirty blond hair hadn't changed at all, he was still as tall. The only thing that was different were his eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes were now red. My eyes wandered to his now pointy teeth. They looked sharp and not to mention pointy!

 "How have you been Elizabeth? Did you miss me?" he asked me. My eyes snapped up to his eyes. They were a bright red. I backed away from him not able to answer. I think I was going into shock!

 "Answer me! Did you miss me!?" he repeated, his eyes flashing with anger, his whole posture changed as he walked towards me.

 "You-you.... you're alive.." I whispered letting the tears fall. I held back sobs as I looked at him. He was alive, but he was something else. He was a vampire now! His pointy fangs were glowing under the moonlight.

 "DID YOU MISS ME?!?" Ashton yelled making me flinch. I dint respond. I was too shocked to even process his words! All I could see was those bright red eyes!

 He came closer to me and in a blink of an eye he was already in front of me. I yelped and backed away but he grabbed my arms tightening his grip on them.

 I flinched from the coldness. "Did you?" Ashton said bringing his face so close to mine our noses almost touched. I let out an involuntary whimper and nodded.

 Ashton smirked and let go of me, his hand connected with my cheek making my head feel like it had exploded!

 I clutched my already swollen cheek, my head felt heavy!

 Ashton gripped my arms again "NO YOU DINT ELIZABETH! YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME!" he yelled in my face making me wince.

 "No.... I dint Ashton... I never did!" I whispered closing my eyes and biting my lip shutting my sobs.

 He shook me "YES YOU DID! YOU FOUND SOMEONE ELSE AND YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME! YOU LEFT ME!" he growled through his teeth. I opened my eyes and looked at his bright red. "What have you done to Jake?" I whispered fearing the worst!

 He threw me against the wall and I yelled from the impact. My back felt so sore already! I gasped and slumped to the floor. I had to protect my baby! I couldn't let Ashton hurt it!

 "You little bitch, I see you for the first time in a long time and all you ask is about your precious mate?" he said looking at me with hate and disgust.

 "Language Ashton" Jace said smirking as he stepped over me going to Ashton's side.

 I coughed and held my ribs. I looked up at Jace, he was still staring at me with a little smile. I frowned "What have you done to him!" I said giving Jace a death glare. He had changed Ashton! He was a complete different person! Ashton would never in a million years hurt me, but now.. he was different! WAY different!

 Ashton grabbed my arms making me yell from the pain in my back

  "They turned me into a better person" he said sneering.

 I shook my head "You're not a person Ashton...you're a vampire.." I cried slumping. His arms were all that were holding me.

 I wanted Jake so bad! I dint feel safe at all! I was in Ashtons arms, he could kill me in any second if he wanted! I clutched his arms for support.. I felt as if my feet weighed 10 extra pounds making me heavier than I was!

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