Chapter 6

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I woke up at 11 the next morning. I got up and got dressed, I decided to go for the Louis look, so I put on my red skinny jeans, and stripy top, but seeing as i don't own any TOMS at the moment I put on my VANS instead. I headed downstairs and grabbed something to eat and told mum that I might be going out later. I went back upstairs and cleaned my teeth and face. I got my laptop and went on twitter, I could see the could be part of my daily routine now, I got a tweet from Liam and it said:

"I'm so glad I fell into her at the shops, she's a really great girl. Hope to see her again soon."

I read the tweet from Liam had sent over and over and couldn't stop grinning.

My phone suddenly went off, it was my mate Kim.

"Is it true? I saw everything on twitter"

"What are you on about?"

"You and One Direction."

"Oh, yea" I typed while smiling at the text, remembering what had just happened.

"Do you wanna meet later?"

"Sorry, I can't , I'm going out with Zayn later."

"Zayn Malik? The Zayn Malik? Omg, wow , your so lucky! Xx."

As you could see Kim was also a big fan.

"Haha, well, how about we meet up tomorrow?"

"Yea, ok, can't wait to hear all the gossip."

I then got a text from Zayn.

"Hey Becky , can we meet at 4 o clock instead because they have changed the visiting times at short notice ? Xx"

"Yea, thats fine , see you later :) Xx"

I looked at the clock to see it was 1. So I still had some time to relax on my own. I turned on the telly, I felt like listening to some music , so I turned it over to Chart Show TV. And guess who were singing. One Direction. I watched the music channel for about an hour or so and then changed the channel. I then watched telly for a little bit longer.


Liam can be quite clumsy sometimes, but it can be for the good at times. I suppose this time it was for the good reason. Liam had bumped into this girl - Becky , in the shops the other day. He decided to invite her out with me and the boys. We all had different choices of were we wanted to go.

Louis suggested Go Ape, Niall suggested Nando's, Zayn suggested the beach and I suggested swimming. Liam then started saying what we were going to do , he said that the beach could be bombarded with paps and fans, and he said that the reason why I said swimming is becuase I want to see her body. So not true!!! So Liam said we would book out Go Ape and we would go to Nando's for dinner. We had all been to Go Ape before but I was kinda scared last time, so I didn't really want to go, but I did want to meet this girl. I had know idea what she was going to be like. So I guess I just had to go and find out.

So the next day we all got ready to go out with Becky. I don't know why but I kinda felt worried, worried that she wouldn't like me. We all got on the bus and Paul drove us to the shops where we would be meeting Becky.

"Do you think we will see Kevin?" Louis said.

"Um, yea possibly, espically where we will be going, high in the trees" Zayn said.

When we arrived to the shops we all got off the bus , and went over to Becky. Liam ran up to her first and started talking to her. I then followed and started speaking to her, she turned round, she was beautiful! She had brown hair to just on her shoulders, she had brown eyes, and a perfect smile. Her outfit was really nice aswell. When I started speaking , I could tell she was nervous, I'm glad I wasn't the only one.

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