Chapter Five

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Chapter Five

The next morning Elise woke up alone, and she wouldn’t admit it, but she was a little sad that Damon had left her. She stood up and stretched, then went to the door. But before she could even touch the handle the door was opened, and Damon stood there, looking down at her.

“Morning,” he greeted her.

Elise gulped and returned the greeting. Damon then led her back to her room, and left her to get dressed. She opened her dresser and pulled out the light blue dress. Elise goes to the bathroom to take a shower. After the shower she got dressed and brushed her hair. To her surprise she found some ponytails in a drawer so she made a side ponytail. When she opened the bathroom door she saw Damon sitting on her bed staring at her. She gave him a glance and started to walk out the door until she heard Damon calling her name. “What do you want this time?” Elise asked. Her back facing him.

“I have some questions for you,” he said, not moving from his position on her bed. Elise sighed and turned a bit, just enough so she could see him.

“Why should I answer them?” she asked. It took him a while to answer her questions, and she still has a few, so she decided that she could wait a bit to answer his.

“The sooner you answer them, the sooner you might be able to go home,”

“Might?” Elise asks, skeptical. At first she was excited because he had said ‘sooner’, but then he had added ‘might’…

“Yes, might. It all depends on if I'm right or not. Now, will you answer my questions or not?” he asked her, patting the bed for Elise to sit.

Sighing, Elise slowly walked towards her bed and perched at the edge, trying not to get too close to Damon. “Okay then. Shoot,” He asked her fairly easy questions, like her favourite colours, favourite animals, favourite things to do, but then he asked her a harder question.

“What would you do if you knew you only had one day to live?”

“Umm… I don’t really know what I would do, probably go and live that last day to the fullest.” Elise responses to the question.

“Okay, last question would you let someone turn you into a vampire?” Damon caustically asks.

Elise slowly gets up from the bed and slowly backs away from Damon before answering the question. “N-no I don’t think so.” Elise says worriedly.

Elise slowly backs into the wall and slowly slides against the wall to the door watching Damon the whole time. By the time she gets to the door Damon has already stood up and takes a couple steps towards her. She darts out of the room but Damon stops her. He comes up from behind her wraps his arms around her and whispers in her ear. “Don’t worry I wasn’t planning on turning you into a vampire…yet.”  Elise would have felt calmer if he didn’t add the ‘yet’ part in the sentence.

He holds her there for a few seconds, then he lets her go and flashes away. Elise squares her shoulders, and walks back to her room, not planning on leaving for a long while. She curls up with one of her books for a few hours, but then she gets bored.

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