I survived my first two weeks of high school! :D

Now here you go my dear fans, chapter 18.


I rolled over, digging my face into the cool comfort of my pillow.

I snuggled under my sheets, never wanting to come out and face all the crap I would probably have to go through today. Good things haven't been happening lately in my life.

My dad had finally noticed my scar and had gone crazy, boy was it fun trying to explain an excuse for that one.

I could hear movement in the kitchen, like someone was cooking. Lifting my head up to hear better, I realized there were voices, two males. I sat up, who was talking in the kitchen. I got out of bed, curious of what was going on. I shivered from the cold, walking to my dresser replacing my shorts for some pants.

I walked out into the living room.

I could finally differentiate the voices, my dad and, I turned the corner into the kitchen.


I smiled, as much as I hated Jake at this moment. His dad had nothing to do with it, well besides contributing to the creation of  such an idiot. 

"Harper!" Billy called out to me, smiling and rolling towards me, "hi billy." I crouched down, pulling him into a hug. "I haven't seen you in weeks!" He pointed out, I looked at the ground. "Yeah, I've just been a little busy." I lied, grabbing a piece of hair pulling it behind my ear.

His smile slightly fell, I could tell he knew I was lying. Jake must have told him everything. I looked up, my dad putting two plates on the table. "You want some honey?" He asked, I shook my head. "I'm fine thanks, smells good though!" I added, "almost as good as Sue." 

He laughed.

"What are you planning for today?" He asked, Billy rolling his chair to the table. I shrugged, "since school's over I don't have much to do anymore. Maybe I'll just go to the beach." I smiled.

He nodded, "I think I'll go now." I said, "sounds good." He grinned, sitting down at the table.

I walked back to my room, I had no reason to go to the beach, I grabbed my phone off the end table. Punching in Zeke's number, he answered on the third ring.

 "Hello?" A groggy female voice answered, I furrowed my eyebrows. "is Zeke there?" I asked her, "he's asleep who is this?" I debated with myself to answer her question or not. "Um just a friend." I finally answered, "could you just tell him Harper called." I hung up the phone.

Who was Zeke with?

Did he sleep with her?

I shook the thought out of my head, it's none of my business who he hangs out with anyway. Zeke is just a friend, I walked to my dresser, taking out a tank top and putting it on. I grabbed a sweater from my closet and pulled it over my head and slipped on some shoes. I stepped back out, quietly walking to the front door and heading out.


I sighed sitting down, coming to the beach was always a great way to escape all your problems.

I leaned back, watching as little kids played in the sun. I smiled, I wonder what it feels like to grow up and get married. To have kids and live in a nice house, a happy family. Maybe two kids and a dog.

Watching parents play with their kids just makes me realize how much I missed my mom. Her big smile and light brown curls. Oh crap! Here come the tears, I pulled my knees to my chest. I buried my face in them, I fought back the tears.

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