Chapter 9- Recording Booths and Madison Square Garden

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I'm so sorry that I haven't updated in forever! School is keeping me very busy so expect it to be like this. And I have no clue if Liam and Danielle broke up, but I'm going to keep them together in my book. Also, I'm going to have Justin start his tour, and I will have something about Avallanna in the next chapter or so. :) I HOPE THIS IS VERY LONG TO MAKE UP MY ABSENCE. Oh, and if anyone wants to make me a book cover, please do! You will be dedicated in the next chapter. 

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Chapter 9

2 weeks later

•Louis' POV•

Two weeks have passed since we've been in California. We are now in New York City just finishing up the last bit of recording. The lads and I are at the hotel, relaxing while Katherine and the rest of the recording team are editing our album.

"Who wants to go to McDonald's with me?" Harry asks standing up.

"ME! " Niall immediately shouts, jumping up from the couch.

"I guess I'll go" Zayn says.

"I'll have two big Macs, fries, and a drink" I tell Harry.

"You want anything, Liam?" Zayn asks.

"No, I'm good" Liam tells Harry.

The lads leave, leaving Liam and I to ourselves. We continue watching the telly until the commercials come on.

"Sooooo what now?" I ask Liam, stretching my arms out.

"I don't know, what about you?" Liam asks me.

Suddenly, we hear a noise coming from Katherine's room. I jump up from the couch and run into her room. The noise is still going, but I can't find out where it's coming from.

"Liam!" I yell.

Liam comes in the room. "What do you want now Louis?" he asks.

"Help me find where that noise is coming from,” I tell him.

The noise continues as Liam and I try to look for what's causing it. I lift up the bed sheets and find that it's Katherine's laptop that's making that noise.

I push the answer button as Justin's face comes up.

"Thank god you picked up I thought... Wait. Louis? Liam?" Justin asks.

"Err, hello,” Liam answers.

"Where's Katherine. I need to talk to her,” Justin tells us.

"Um, she's at the recording studio" I say.

"When will she be back?"

"It really just depends where the teams' at. She's usually getting back around one though,” Liam tells Justin.

"Oh" is all Justin says sadly.

"If you don't mind me asking. Why did Katherine come home crying when she came back from your house?" I ask curiously.

Whenever Katherine was at the hotel just relaxing or whatever, the lads and I almost always saw her by herself. She sometimes did some things with us, but she usually just sat there being quiet. Just when we got her to open her shell, she hid back again.

"She was crying?" Justin asks. Liam and I nod our heads. "Well, I was an idiot and, kissed her" he says very quietly.

"What?!?" Liam and I say at the same time.

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