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Chapter 1—Bad News

It was a bright and early morning at One Direction High, where 5 boys stood, 4 of them glaring.

Liam was glaring at Zayn, Louis at Harry, and vice versa. Niall just stood between them, shooting puzzled looks everywhere.

“It was your fault my sister got kicked out of boot camp!” Liam snapped, brown eyes flaring angrily.

Zayn rolled his eyes as he ran a hand through his spiked raven hair, tipped lightly with blonde.

“Sure, Payne, sure! You framed my sister for that stupid missing flower!”

“She stole it!”

“No she didn’t! She borrowed it!”

Looks of pure evil were exchanged, and Niall frowned, blue eyes dimming. The blonde was friends with them all, but Zayn was only nice to Harry, and Louis to Liam. He didn’t know why they hated each other so much.

“You little MOFO!” Harry hissed, stomping his foot.

“How dare you, when it was your fault I failed Algebra!” Lou retorted, and his aqua eyes crackled with anger.

“Next time, don’t use my answers!”

“You threw the book at me! What was I supposed to do?!?”

“Lads, lads, please!” Niall begged weakly, trying to calm his best friends down.

“Sorry, Nialler, someone just makes me so mad.” Harry sighed, casting an icy look at Lou.


“There goes the bell. Come on, Li.” Louis motioned to the tall boy, who followed him to class.

“Let’s go, Zayner.” Harry grabbed the Bradford boy’s wrist and steered him in the opposite direction.

As usual, Niall was left alone, but he was used to it. With a sad smile he hoisted his backpack more firmly onto his shoulders, and dejectedly trudged to science, wondering why the world was so mad all the time.

As soon as he stepped into the classroom, he realized a new student, standing shyly behind the teacher. The teen looked around 15, same as Niall, and had dark emerald eyes and light brown hair, kinda like Liam’s, expect it was much more messy.

“Oh, Niall, could you please show Aaron around?” Mrs. Harvey asked rather pleadingly, and Niall bobbed his head.

“Call m-me Chase, please. By the way, I like y-your name.,” said the boy, blushing slightly, and Niall beamed at him, blue eyes dancing happily.

“Thanks!” hr grabbed Chase by the hand and pulled him over to his seat.

Everyone was still hustling around, trying to copy down notes and get the right chemicals for the experiment, so the two teens sat down at a table.

“Ok, so our teacher isn’t really that strict, but don’t explode stuff or else she’ll kill ya mate!”

“Really? Chase’s dark eyes widened, and Niall chuckled softly.

“I was kidding dude! But be careful, or else other things might happen…” the Irish boy looked away, his blue eyes wistful, as he thought of his last relationship.


She was a beautiful blonde named Holly, with big eyes that always sparkled. It was a good time in his life, when he was happy with Holly, Liam and Zayn were inseparable, and Lou and Hazza shared a flat.

“Hey, Holls, be careful!” he laughed as she spun around in science lab, holding out a beaker of some substance.

“Oh, don’t worry, Ni!” she laughed as well, eyes sparkling prettily.

Niall rolled his eyes, smiling, as she poured the fluid into a bright pink one and gingerly set down the glass.

“See, I am careful—“

“Watch out!”

Blue eyes widened in horror, glass shattering, arms flailing, sparks fly crazily, sparkling eyes freeze in an endless laugh, a scream rings, forever and ever, never stopping…

From then, he realized he had been drifting away from his friends. And while he was busy with Holly, his mates for life had been fighting. And as he came out of his depressed trance, his life began to fall apart, right in front of his eyes…

*end of flashback*

“Niall? The t-teacher is looking at us.” Chase stammered, emerald eyes narrowed in frustration, as he tried to snap the blonde out of his memory.

Niall suddenly sucked in his breath sharply and swiftly looked up, blue eyes clicking into focus.

“Sorry Mrs. Harvey, just thinking about this chemical formula.” He gave his bext sweet smile, and she just sighed and went on with class.

“What happened, you just blanked! Were you thinking about…” Chase trailed off, and Niall narrowed his eyes.

“S-sorry,” he stuttered, his eyes wide in fear, and he quickly looked down at his paper, twirling a pen nervously.

Niall groaned and buried his face in his hands; why couldn’t he do anything right?

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