It's been a year since we last saw each other. We miss everyone but keep in touch. Every summer we spend the whole time together. 2 more months until that time again!

Thomas has stopped ignoring Angel in front of his friends. In fact, his friends love her around. She hangs around with the other girlfriends.

Ashlee and Travis are on a break again. He still doesn't trust her. She has no idea why he doesn't.

Nora and Wesley are engaged. They have been engaged for 4 months. And she's expecting a baby boy. They're super excited.

AG let's Kayla do whatever she wants. He doesn't control her either. She loves that he trusts her now.

Monti has kept his promise and has never left Danielle. They're inseparable.

Alexandria and Justin are going strong. He's planning to propose to her on their 4th anniversary. She has no clue.

Harry and Michelle are doing great. They're so adorable together. We can't wait for a little Harry running around.

Ashley and Jeremy don't fight anymore. They have little arguements and immediately start saying sorry and love each other again. He's never touched her bad again.

Asher is not cocky or flirty anymore. He only has eyes for Leisa. She loves the attention though it's too much at times.

Liam treats Raney like a princess. He never goes a day without telling her that he loves her. It's so cute!

Niall and Brittany are married. They've been married since last summer. She is pregnant with their second child. A little girl. Niall says he'll treat her like she's a princess. They have a son that is a year old. Brittany is now a nurse.




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