She's So Dead - Chapter 21

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"She's so dead!" Louis yelled after I told him about my theory that it was Mia whio had stabbed Eleanor and almost everyone in the waiting room was staring at us. We had been waiting in the hospital for nearly four hours and there was still no news on her. 

"Lou listen to me, we will go find her and we will comfront her, hell you can even kill her if you really want to, but now is not the right time. Eleanor needs us, all of us, but most of all she needs you." I said trying to make him see sense.

He sighed and collapsed on the chair. "You always know the right thing to say."

"No I don-"

"Trust me, you really do. You always make everyone feel better, you put everyone's needs before your own, even Harry's when he was being an asshole to you. If El doesn't make it I guess I still have you and the guys." A single tear rolled down his cheek.

"Don't say that. El's a strong girl, she WILL make it. There's no ifs or buts in this situation. We all know she's probably been through a lot but so have I and if I can make it then I'm certain she can too." I pulled Louis into a big bear hug. A few minutes later he laughed quietly.

"What?" I said.

"I think we should stop being your close, Harry looks like he's ready to rip my throat out." he whispered. 

I rolled my eyes playfully and went back over to Harry who was sitting on his own on the other side of the room.

"Oh hello you're finally back. Missed me did you?" he said sarcastically, narrowing his eyes at me.

"This isn't the time for some childish bickering Harry." I sighed.

He thought about this for a moment then relaxed. "You're right, sorry. I just don't wanna lose you." 

"Bit insensitive of you to say that seeing as Louis might lose Eleanor forever." I raised an eyebrow.

He covered his mouth with his hand quickly and hung his head in shame. Just at that moment a nurse came into the room and told us we could go see Eleanor now. Me and Louis got up immediately followed closely by Harry and the rest of the boys abd Danielle.

"EL!" Louis shouted as he opened the door to room 129. 

"Louis..." she managed to say quietly. She definitely didn't look her best. Her beautiful brown hair was tangled and all over her face, she was attached to a bunch of wires and she clutched her stomach in pain.

"How are you alive?" Niall wondered out loud, immediately regretting it. "Sorry..."

Eleanor let out a forced laugh. "The knife just missed my organs so nothing was severely damaged. She scraped my hip bone though which is gonna make it pretty hard to walk for the next few weeks."

"Why does someone always end up in hospital all the time?" Niall joked.

"Wait, how did you know it was a she? No one's been here to see you apart from the nurses and doctors." I said confused.

Eleanor blushed and looked away from us. 

"El...?" I said.

She sighed and said "Mia was sending me death threats for the past week, I didn't think she was serious so I ignored them and didn't bother telling anyone else. I also saw her face just as she plunged the knife into me."

"You should know by now that Mia doesn't kid with this kind of stuff." I rolled my eyes at her. 

"I'm sorry I guess I didn't think, important thing is I didn't die right?"

"Of course it is." Louis said before I could argue. 

Everyone was back home now apart from Eleanor and Louis who were staying one more night at the hospital. We only had one more day of holidays but we just decided to have a day in because of all the drama lately. 

"Most dramatic Christmas holidays ever eh?" Liam laughed.

There were a few murmurs of agreement and everyone went back to watching tv. I was about to drift off to sleep on Harry's lap when there was a knock on the door. 

"I'll get it." I muttered and stood up to go open it. I didn't really take much notice of who was in front of me until there was a strangers hand on my mouth and I was being pulled outside into the front lawn. "What do you want!?" I hissed. 

"Harry." my kidnapper chuckled evilly and I realised by the distinct smell of lavendar perfume that it was the one and only, MIa. Before I could do so much as scream Harry's name she placed a cloth over my mouth and I started feeling drousy, letting my eyelids droop. 

I woke up in darkness. 

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