Chapter Four

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Chapter Four


“Yes, some. That’s better than none.” Damon said and Elise shrugged in response. She took a moment to gather her thoughts and get together the questions she wanted answered most.

“First off; what did you do to me while I was asleep?” she asks, leaning against the wall by the window with her arms crossed in front of her.

“I did some blood tests, and since I know that you don’t like needles, I out you to sleep first. Obviously.” Damon smirks.

Elise purses her lips. “What kind of blood tests? And why?”

“You don’t need to know, and to answer some of my questions,”

“Well… okay, I guess. Why did you kidnap me? And because I'm ‘important’ to you just doesn’t cut it,” she adds, knowing full well what his answer would have been.

“Because.” Damon only answers.

“Because why?” Elise asks.

“You’ll-“ Damon starts.

“Give me a straight answer I am tired of your riddles.” Elise interrupts Damon.

“Fine.” Damon says irritated. He closes his eyes and leans back on the bed. “You are important to me. You're important because you may be a reincarnation of someone I once knew,” he whispered.

“Oh… but… what?” Elise says, confused as to what exactly he meant by that. A reincarnation? Seriously? I don’t believe it… I can’t.

“You may be the reincarnation of Ellie. You look like her, you dress like her, you sound like her, you act like her… and you may have the same blood types and fingerprints.”

“I think you mean doppelganger, not reincarnation…” Elise says, knowing full well that when dealing with a reincarnation, the person usually remembers their past life, and looks little to nothing like the person they're reincarnated after. While doppelgangers are almost exact replicas of each other, but have no idea of the other’s life.

“No, you may be a rare type of reincarnation. One that is a mix between doppelganger and reincarnation,” Damon murmurs, looking off into the distance. He clears his throat, and says, “Well, that’s enough for today, I think I'll be going now…” and he flashes out of the room.

Damon left Elise alone in the room puzzled. To clear her mind she takes the Wizard of Oz book and started reading it. When she got done reading five chapters in the book she looked at the clock in her room. It read five O’clock pm. It is already five, Elise thought. She goes and wandered the house and she seen the same set of stairs that Damon said was off limits. I wonder why he doesn’t want me up there. I bet he doesn’t want me to see something up there. I will run up and look before he finds out. Hopefully he isn’t following me. Elise thought as she was looking up the staircase. She started to run up there but halfway up Damon heard her and grabbed her. Damon took her and flashed to the living room: two rooms away from the stairs. ”I told you before that room is off limits!” Damon snaps at Elise.

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