Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

I was sitting in my last class of the day. Liam and the boys had been texting me all day.

FROM: Liam Freaking Payne!


TO: Liam Freaking Payne!

Yes! In last class! You are really annoying right now -.-

FROM: Louis Tomlinson

Heyyy! Liam is furiously making us clean.. SAVE US!

FROM: Harry Styles


TO: Harry Styles


FROM: Harry Styles

hahaha! Don't get caught!

FROM: Liam Freaking Payne

Picking you up in 10 min?

TO: Liam Freaking Payne

Sure! Now, Harry and Lou are hiding in the closet. I gotta go!

I put my phone away and sighed. I went back to paying attention and sighed. Liam was picking us up in an hour and I was only in my short denium shorts, a bright, green tanktop and a gray, off-the-shoulder long sleeve shirt. My hair was down, but I might just put it up in the usual pony tail.

The bell rang and I left class. Lily and Talia ran up to me and we were talking and walking down the hallway. I looked down into my bag and sighed. "Crap! I forgot my journal in my last class!" I said. "You guys go and wait for Liam. I'll be right back." I ran back to the room. I ran into someone and they grabbed my hair.

"Watch where you are going!" A girl shouted. She had blonde hair like mine and was wearing a really short skirt and a really revealing tanktop. She threw me into the locker and her and her friends laughed. I rubbed my head and she smiled sickly.

"Don't be a bitch!" I shouted. Her friends gasped anad her eyes narrowed. Next thing I knew, a hand was making contact with my face. I gasped and fell to the ground. They laughed and walked away. I walked into the classroom and grabbed my journal. I looked in my mirror that I had in my bag and saw the red mark starting to turn purple. "Whore." I said and pulled out my foundation to cover it. I ran out of the building to see Talia and Lily getting into Liam's car. He smiled at me and I ran over, throwing my hair into a pony tail.

"HEY!" Liam shouted, hugging me. I hugged him back and pulled my seatbelt on. "

"Let's go!"  I said and we took off. When we got there, the girls ran inside. When Liam and I got out, he gave me a huge hug. I smiled and we walked in.

"CARTER!" Louis yelled anad hugged me. I laughed and he set me down. "I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!"

"Lou, I haven't even been gone for 24 hours." I said and he just smiled.

"Still. You have been gone for way too long. Liam hasn't shut up about you!" He said, causing Liam and I to blush.

"Has he now?" I questioned, looking at him. He blushed even deeper and I just smiled. "Well, It's only fair because I haven't stopped talking about him."

"Flatering!" He said and gave me another hug. "Do you wanna go on a tour of the place?" He asked and I nodded. He grabbed my hand and led me upstairs. "We'll start from the top and go down."

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