Janice's POV

"My heart's a stereo, turn it up when you feel lo--"

My alarm went on and I'm trying to find the stinkin' snooze button!!

I got up and took a shower,brushed my teeth,did my make-up,curled my hair and changed!

Right after I left my room, I could hear the boys and it smells bacon and eggs, Ugh I'm still mad at everyone. By now I should be with my cousins, in a car passing moutains and plain fields...But instead I'm here with 5 famous boys and my dad Simon.

I walked in the kitchen everyone was eating bacon and eggs, I took a plate out of the cabinets and got some bacons and 2 eggs and ate it beside Harry since it was the only left seat.. across from me is Louis,Liam was on the right side of Louis and Niall was on the left side of Louis. Zayn was on the right side of me and Harry was on my left. Louis kicked my feet,

'Oww, what the hell was that for?!' I asked giving him a death stare.

'Sorry I thought it would be funny' Louis said giving me a pout, I rolled my eyes,

'Sorry but nothing is funny about that,so just don't do that 'cause it annoys me, ALOT' I spat just to give him a hint to never touch/kick me. I finished my plate and put the plate on the sink. 

'Janice sorry for kicking you, I didn't know it annoys you...' Louis apologized but I just ignored him. 

I rolled my eyes and just left and changed to my bathing suit and go swimming at the pool in the backyard. 

                           -End of POV- 

Janice changed to her bathing suit and went straight to the pool. 

The boys were wondering where is she going... 

They all saw her in the pool and Louis exclaimed 'WE SHOULD JOIN HER!!' 

The boys agreed so they all went on their swimming shorts and jumped in. 

Janice's POV 

Great, the boys joined in. Woohoo. *note to sarcasm.. 

Harry flicked water in my face. Shit.  

Thanks alot Harry. -.-

'What the hell Harry!?' I said angrily with a stare.. 

'C'mon babe just have a little fun' He said with a smile. 

'First of all, DON'T call me 'BABE' second, I was having fun before you guys came, third I'm getting out of here' I said harshly, right before I get out Niall pull my ankle, 'Niall! Let the go of my ankle!!' I yelled. 'No! If you stay I will let go!' 'Fine!' I replied... 'I hate you' I wisphered to my self. 

I swam around the pool for about 5 mins and I left after then. 


-End of POV- 



Sorry about this chapter I didn't know what to write so here's a note on how it's going, 

So Janice is mad at her dad and mum because she really wanted to on that trip with her cousins but she had to stay with her dad, she didn't like it! Now she's with the band she hates them because her dad spend soooo much time with them and he has no time for her. So Janice is now really pissed and rude to them. 

So yea that's pretty much it! I hope you're enjoying this.. :)xx

Oh and on the right side at the top there's a picture of a bathing suit and that will be Janice's bathing suit!(:

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