Chapter 2~*~The good in sleeping over~*~

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'Ok, so, just to let you know i'm going to teach you a little bit of the Filipino language.

Kuya (pronounced koo-yah) means: Older brother or Older cousin that's a boy.

Ate( pronounced Ah-teh) means: Older Sister or older Female Cousin

Tita (pronouncede tee-tah) means: aunt

Tito (pronounced tee-toh) means: Uncle

Now, the reason why i'm telling you this is because it's to show your elders respect. i learned that the hard way. and you'll see how!

Love: xXxRose_Music_424xXx


"Ate, Ate Rheana's here" i heard Kc whisper. Kc was really Kyle, we call him Kc because of his name and his middle name. Kyle Clarence.i grumbled and pulled my blanket over my head. he has to call me Ate and my brother kuya for respect. last time i called my brother by his real name and his real name only, i got hit, hard. as usual.

"fine...KUYA!!" He yelled. i froze in fear but i was really tired so i closed my eyes.

"WHAT!" he shouted back

"ATE WON'T WAKE UP!" he shouted back.




"BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T THEN I'LL TELL THAT YOU WERE THE ONE THAT BROKE MY BIKE ANNND THAT YOU HID YOUR REPORT CARD FROM MOMMY AND DADDY" he shouted. pfft, he would black mail us. i heard footsteps and then a sharp pain on my butt. i groaned in pain while i flipped the blanket over. there stood my older brother. he was skinny, yes, and had black hair. both boys in my family had a tan. i don't know why cause my older brother stays inside to play his X-Box all the time. like ALL the time. my little brother sometimes plays outside and his friends are annoying. they keep door belling even when they know kc doesn't wanna play. i jumped up and sent them both death glares before checking the time. 9:00pm. my dad's at work. and so is my mom.

"a small shake awake wouldn't hurt! but slap me in the butt..HARD! jeez, i think you bruised my butt!!" i scolded.

"i'll do it again" my brother retorted. he chased after me as i sprinted downstairs. darn, if i wasn't so fat i would be able to run faster. i started screaming 'till i spotted my skinny, tan cousin with brownish black-ish hair and some highlights. she was sitting on my couch, watching T.v. i'm surprised Kc let her watch T.v instead of playing black ops.

"RHEA!" i shouted. she saw me and went back to watching. i heard her sigh while i called her again.

"kuya wake you up again?" she asked like it was nothing. i guess she was used to it. i nodded my head rapidly while she sighed. she stood up and shouted.

"STOP!" everyone froze and turned to her.

"let's settle this the old fashioned way. Nerf gun war" she smirked. my older brother owned tons of nerf guns. like..ALOT! it's another thing i like to do in my spare time. i smirked with her.

"i call Rhea as my partner!" i shouted. i heard Kc whine a little but i sent him a death glare.

"Everyone build your stations! wait! get your gun first!" my brother shouted. right when he said gun i sprinted upstairs, but my brother past me. darn, he used to do track. the reason why we sprinted was because there was only 1 machine gun, and 2 OK guns but the rest are tiny guns.i ended up 2nd while my little brother was last, Rhea 2nd to last but a close 2nd. i spotted my favorite came with a flashlight! it was a deploy cs-6. i smirked as i handed my cousin her gun, a alpha trooper cs-18, leaving my little brother with a small gun. i grinned as i ran downstairs. i brought down my brother mini trampoline. it was one of those yoga trampoline, it's not so bouncy but it makes a great sheild. my brother saw me with it and came over. he tried to take it away but i fought back.

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