Chapter 2- Nerd Power and Odd Dreams

I climbed onto the plane with slow, cautious steps, because I had never been on a plane ride by myself. I looked down at my ticket and saw that not only had Uncle Simon paid for my airplane ride- but he gotten me first class! I quickly hurried to get a seat and found that most were empty. I took one near the middle that didn’t have too many people surrounding it.

                I hoped that people wouldn’t think I’m weird for reading a One Direction magazine- my mother had asked me the question ‘isn’t that for twelve year old girls?’ when I had told her about my infatuation and I simply replied by telling her that no one is ever too old for One Direction.

                I don’t understand how a person could be so gorgeous, I thought, looking at the cover. I flipped the page and saw a two paged ad for some sort of nail stick on thing, but it didn’t have a name or anything. Just like a million nails on the two pages, like I was already supposed to know who sold these.

                I flipped for a few more pages until I found the first article- I know, it comes with being a nerd, but I do actually read the articles in magazines. I need to get a life- and I saw the giant first page with Harry’s face on it. I still don’t understand why everyone thought his hair was so curly. I actually knew like fifteen other people with curlier hair. Strange world, Earth.

                After a few more pages of Harry, Harry, Harry, and then went out with a bang of the giant collage of Harry photos, I finally found Louis cozied up in there. Now, Louis’s hair I found majorly underrepresented. My life’s goal was to literally touch Lou’s hair. Most people’s was to touch Harry’s hair, or you know, normal ambitions and dreams, but sadly, I had no life. So, this is what I did to make up for it.

                Aww, Louis! I thought as I turned the page. He was just too cute for words. Ooh, his first celeb crush was Emma Watson. Someone’s a secret Potterhead. Lemme just get out my stamp of approval.

                Then I turned the page and BAM! Zayn. Jawaad. Malik. The definition of gorgeous. Those eyelashes, so long and lush! That perfect hair! Ugh! I can’t even deal with this right now! My heart was thumping and I was tempted to throw the magazine on the ground and swoon but I didn’t want to have to go to the hospital because the elderly man who had just sat down behind me had thought that I was having a seizure.

                I turned a few more pages because I couldn’t handle Zayn and his gorgeousness, but I briefly saw the picture of Zayn in a suit and had to turn back to it and sigh. He could be a model for Burberry in that suit.

                Next was a picture randomly placed of the boys jumping around and acting high. The usual. Then Liam came next and I didn’t know how I was ever going to get a boyfriend at this rate, because One Direction had severely raised the attractive scale.

                After flipping a few more pages, I finally found Niall. Niall, Niall, Niall. Why can’t everyone just have an Irish or a British accent? The world would be a much better place. Then after a few more minutes of reading captions and articles, I thought dreamily to myself, Niall is so adorable. I had to hold back from sighing. Practically every photo showed Niall in his red polo. I wondered if he knew that it was a scientific fact that the color red made people more attractive.

                Just then, someone came on over the loudspeaker, saying that we were about to take flight and that we needed to put our seatbelts on. It was only when I looked around and saw that every seat was nearly taken, that I had just spent the last half hour looking at pictures of attractive British boys. Quite productive, I am.

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