Chapter 1

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" His vital signs are stable. " One of the nurses yelled he's in a coma from hibernation. "

" We need a room! " the doctor yelled.

Captain Henry Allanti P.O.V

I woke in a hospital room, my memory was foggy but, I remember being on a ship and someone's bloody face that was screaming it looked familiar. A woman in a formal dress and a man in what suited white armor with a green armor on his arms and the side of his legs.

" Do you know where you are? " She asked.

" I'm in the medical wing of the Golden Crest. "

" I'm sorry sir but, your on Earth. " She said.

Then it all came back to me. The blood, the mutants, the death everywhere.

" We don't have much time the bastards are coming, they're going to kill us all! "

I Jumped off the bed when the soldier grabbed me and held me on the bed a nurse rushed in with a needle, I felt the metal tear a small hole and soon I was asleep.

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