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okay, i just wanna say thanks for reading! :D and I tried to make this chapter long (x & that is all (:



-Haley's P.O.V.-

"Aunt Kaity...?" I said quietly. She looked clean and as if she hadn't had a drink in a few days, she was also holding a vase with purple lillies. "Hi Hales," she said immediately. I was still confused as to how she knew I was here. I looked at her with a confused face and she looked as she knew what I was thinking. "I'm sorry I haven't seen you at all since you got here, but.." she said trailing off. "I don't know if you remember seeing me come in because you were asleep, but I stayed here last night," she said putting the flowers on top of the drawer next to me. 

"Oh.." was all I could say. I guess it wasn't Harry. She sat down on the bed close to my feet. "I'm sorry, I''m just trying to get better.." she started tearing up. I leaned closer to her and wrapped her in my arms as she started bawling. "I just can't..I've tried rehab, but then I just get out of control...It's just, your Uncle Nate was just too young, he still had so much to look forward too," she said as I hugged her even tighter. "Everything will be okay. You have me, Molly, and even Vanessa! You will get better," I said rubbing my hand in circles on her back trying to soothe her. "We're all here for you," I whispered in her ear. 

She leaned back, wiped her tears and simply smiled at me. "You're right," she said calming down. "Well I ran into your doctor earlier and she said you're getting out of here in about an hour," she said getting up from the bed. "Oh finally!" I said stretching my arms out. "Aunt Kaity..who told you I was here?" I asked as she was folding her blanket. "Oh I got a text explaining everything and it said from L, so I figured it was a friend you had made or something," she said now tidying up the entire room. L... Well it's not like my friends from home texted her, so it had to be.. Of course! Louis or Liam! I'll just ask the next time I see them. 

There was another knock at the door. "Who could it be?" Aunt Kaity asked walking to the door. She opened it and quickly shouted, "Oh Hello darling!" It was Vanessa and Molly. I now felt like we were all reunited, hah. "Oh my goodness! Haley are you alright? What happened?" Vanessa rushed over to me slurring her words. "Yes I'm alright, I just had to get my appendix removed immediately, nothing too serious," I replied to her. I looked over to my aunt and Molly, she had jumped in her arms, aw they were a cute little family. 

"Oh good, I was so worried!" Vanessa said with a sigh of relief. Aunt Kaity put Molly down and she came over to me and hugged me. "I missed youuu," she said smiling at me. Aw how cute! "Aw, I missed you too Molly!" I said running my fingers through her hair. "Hah, Vanessa I think we should reschedule our shopping plans," I said with a little chuckle. "Oh yeah of course, when you're all healed and ready we can shop until we drop!" 


-Harry's P.O.V.-

I loved CD signings. It was when I saw all of our fans full of excitement and happiness. There was like a sea of fans waiting for us to sign their CD. I really enjoyed watching their reactions to seeing the boys and I. There were two girls dressed in shirts they most likely made themselves, and they looked like they were gonna pass out. Hm, they look familiar, I'll just wait until they get to me. Yes, the dark-brown hair and the other girls light-brown hair suddenly made me remember them.

"Hey loves, we've met before right?" I asked them as I signed some more CD's. "OH MY GOSH, YES. YOU REMEMBER US?" they both said at the same time. "Of course! You're Madelaine and you're Sandra!" I said pointing to them when I mentioned their names. Their faces immediately lit up when I said their names. I asked them their twitter names and quickly pulled out my phone. I followed them and then tweeted, " @MadZabrina and @SandraLuna03 are two very lovely ladies I'm glad they came to the signing. x " They pulled out their phones at the same time and jumped up and down, I guess their tweets go to their phones. 

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