Ch 11

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-Epilogue chapter 11-Ceremony  

Aēro's POV

"ouch Stasha stop messing with my hair OW" I howled tonight was the ceremony to greatness tonight my dad Alex and Michael would be crowned king of the Dark Realm Stasha was fixing with my soft white hair I growled silently "BOY DON'T YOU GROWL AT ME"Stasha said while doing my hair if looks could kill she would be a pile of ash "there now don't mess it up" Stasha said sauntering off the bell clanged against metal and the ceremony began.

After the ceremony Xander's dad Xavier walked up on stage and cleared the microphone before speaking "Everyone may I have your attention please" Xavier spoke and all heads turned toward him "You people must be wondering why I'm up here but I'm proudly to announce that I am leaving MoonCliff and I promised my son Xander alpha rank"Xavier spoke and everyone gasped I smiled and the reception went on. 


-a few years later 

I was lounging on the lounge chair writing in my journal laying on Xander's chest I wrote this

"I can't believe it I died and came back to life my two fathers became kings of MoonCliff Xander became alpha of his pack and I a full ShadowBorn life is great Ashton and that Prestige guy vanished I truly believe there are happy endings in every legend perhaps I got my own I am The DragonStone of Comatose"

I closed my journal and opened the gargoyles mouth to put it in it's cubby my two sons were playing below the balcony and we could see them Nicolas was riding on Damien's Back Nicolas and Damien is of course a hybrid ,Werewolf,ShadowBorn,vampire, 

Necromancer I smiled before saying "well it looks like I am The Boy With Comatose aswel as The DragonStone Of Comatose.

The End

It's finally over thank you everyone for the support I really enjoyed writing this book next book Moonstone Of Comatose is the last of the series I will be starting it during My flight to Chicago and will be 10 chapters like goodbye my cookies Mua Mua Mua!!! its short :( new story its goin to be the last one of this series but fear not i will write more stories in the coming months woot BYE BYE 

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