Chapter 2

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"Release your high hopes and they'll survive, cause this is the future and you are alive"

 Owl City- This is the future

 Its been two months since she past two months, she didn't even get to see me walk down the stage or even hear my speech. Memories of my mom fill me mind her smile her laugh the time she first taught me how to drive and I all ready crash her car not even moving out the drive way gosh I miss her so much. I was on a plane to God knows where I just needed to go I had to leave that house I couldn't stay any longer every where I turn something remind me of her the t.v, kitchen, living room, family pictures all over the wall and the wost is her room it was right across from mines and every time I would step out I could smell her. Some times I feel as though she's still alive following me watching or just waiting. No I don't believe in ghost but I just can't seem to explain it.

 I didn't know where the plane was taking me I just closed my mines and picked a random place then gave the lady my ticket. I haven't sleep since the party last night nor did I want to because I knew what was waiting for me. Every time I shut my eyes I dream about these bright golden eyes that's it eyes and they just star at me like there searching for something or some one and other times it will take to me or call me asking me to come home I knew there's no way it could be my mom because she has light brown eyes like mines.

 I saved a lot of this trip it was going to be for college but after what happen I didn't see the point of going since she didn't see me graduate so I took money out of my college fund and went on this huge adventure you can say I wanted to find peace and by happy for a change don't get me wong there's nothing wrong with Cali I mean you have the beaches, hot guys and tans, bunch of stores and malls, famous people, but most of all the sun. This is where I was born and rise in it dosn't get any better but its also where the wost day of my life happy and now all of that the sun, the beaches, hot guys and all the other crap is just a faded memory.

 I arrived in the big appel New York well this dosen't really suprise me I mean I been here before for are senior trip I guess it wouldn't hurt to revisit I had a lot of fun times here its also where I got my first kiss and also where I was away home for the first time. I get a hotal and order room service after that I take a long cold shower and head out I go site seeing and visit all the same places I did the last time I was here.


 I been here for a week now and I already made some friends I had an awesome time I pack but my things and get ready to leave to a place unknown

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