Chapter Three

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Chapter Three

Glancing at the clock positioned on her bedside table, she sees that it is 10:30 am. Raising an eyebrow, Elise thinks; I'm usually up around eight… it’s weird that I slept so late, especially in a strange house. With a vampire in it.

Soon Elise gets bored in her awesomely-her room, so she starts a search to0 find the kitchen. After passing through the living room, she sees Damon with an apron on, standing at the stove. Elise puts a hand to her mouth to stifle a giggle. It’s just so strange to see a vampire of any kind, not to mention this dangerous one, in an apron.

“Do you want something?” Damon asks, not turning around, making Elise jump.

“U-uh is the food ready yet?” she stutters. Damon just chuckles a bit and continues making the bacon while Elise just stands awkwardly at the doorway.

In a few minutes Elise finds herself sitting at the table, with eggs and bacon on a plate in front of her. She takes a cautious bite, not sure if Damon can even cook in the first place, but let’s go a moan of delight when she tastes the best food she has ever tasted before.

Damon smiles triumphantly and conjures up Elise a glass of dark liquid. “What is this now?” she asks him, excited but worried at the same time.

“It’s called Black Magic. Try it, it’s good,” he urges her. But when she just eyes her glass suspiciously, Damon sighs and makes his own; drinking it all in one gulp.

Seeing this, Elise forgets that both glasses had come from nothing and took a sip. He was right- it was the best thing she had ever tasted. And she wanted more. She drank the rest of the black magic.

“See I knew you would like it.” Damon says. Elise blushes a little so you could barely notice it. Elise stands up not knowing what to do.

“What are you going to do?” Damon asks when she stands up.

 Elise smiles while saying “You'll see.”

“Ha ha very funny” Damon says sarcastically.

Elise walks out of the kitchen and through some rooms and eventually finds herself in a library. She walks around inside of it, looking at all of the strange titles in more than one language. Soon enough she finds her favourite book of all times; The Wizard of Oz. Squealing in delight, she tears it off the shelf and twirls around only to run straight into a brick wall; also known as Damon.

“You like that book, I assume?” Damon asks her, smirking at her flustered expression. Not being able to find words, Elise just nods. “Okay, you can bring it and a few others to your room if you want, I can get a book shelf there,” no sooner had he finished that sentence had he flashed away.

“O-okay…” Elise muttered to the empty room.  She gathered up a few other titles and took them to her room to find a bookshelf darker a brown than her mahogany dresser. Smiling, Elise organizes her books on her shelf. But her smile is tinged with sadness. She's not sure when, if she'll get home again.

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