bus comes waiting outside

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me -im so sleepy


Alexandria and jada-we heard we have 4 new boys on our bus and in class

me-im guessing that’s them

jasmine-I don’t know but mr.cutie in the blue looks fine


(roc prod ray prince walkin on the bus )

jada-smh look at that boy with a bag of tacos

Ray-(talkin to jada) is this seat taken?

jadA-umm umm dang is it

Ray-no but I want to sit next 2 u

jada-(blushing very hard) go ahead

jasmine -omg deandra look at him in the blue

me-ikr look at him in the peace sign jacket

Prince-hey (talking to jasmine)

jasmine-hehe hi

prince-can I sit next 2 u


Prince-(sits down in the seat)


keri-lml hi

Roc-wanna talk

keri-yea come sit next to me


Prod-omg yall look at that 1 shes a cutie

Them-talk 2 her don’t be shy

Prod- ok how I look

Ray-no comment

prod-wat eva


Prod- hi

victoria-need a seat


victoria-u can sit next to me

Prod-I hought u would never ask


driving to the school


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